Shaniko, Oregon

Last weekend we decided to hop on the bike and embark on another adventure. Thanks to sites like Pinterest I have been able to research things to do locally and find is quick weekend adventures. Because of this research I found so many articles about all the little ghost towns within a 2-4 hour drive.

The first of our ghost town adventures was Shaniko, Oregon. Shaniko was once a bustling town that made most of its income by growing sheep and selling the wool. Once the railroad found a more direct route from Eastern Oregon to Portland, Shaniko slowly died. Then half the town burned down from a brush fire. Today the total population of Shaniko is 25-30 residents.

If you ever find yourself on Highway 97 take an hour to stop and walk around. Loved experiencing this little piece of history and intend on returning soon.

Memory lane

Happy November 1st! I hate to say it’s officially the holidays but woah! Thanksgiving is only four weeks away. Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.

I’ve been meaning to get this post up all week but work and life have been busy.

My mom and sister came over Sunday morning for a little walk down memory lane. We spent a few hours together going through old family photos. It was emotional but also so good. I think we needed this to really appreciate the lives we’ve been given and the memories attached.

Here are a few photos from our walk down memory lane. Enjoy!

Me being me.


Family trip to Seaside.

Me, mom, Smokey, and my nephew Bryant.

Nicole feeding one month old Bryant.

My cousin Ryan feeding baby Bryant.

Granpda Tony and Nicole.

Nicole, me, and our cousin Dawn.


The very first photo of the three muskateers. Mom, me, and sissie.

I still make this face when I’m upset/not getting my way.

Gosh we were super cute 80’s kids!

Me and grandpa enjoying Seaside.



Fashion Blogging //

I can’t even count how many fashion blogs I follow. I need them to help inspire my own personal style. It helps me break out of my comfort box. 

I was recently scrolling through my phone and realized I’m no where near as awesome at fashion bloggers. Sometimes I think about sharing more of my personal style but then I’m brought back down out of the clouds when look at my awesome fitting room/bathroom portraits. 

I complied a few just to show you guys. My style isn’t anything spectacular but sharing it does sound fun. I hope you enjoy my attempts at fashion blogging!!

DSC_0028 IMG_2871 IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_4043 IMG_4046 IMG_4221 IMG_4370 IMG_5037 IMG_5354 IMG_6175 IMG_6688

It’s officially official.

Well folks, my name has been legally changed. So to honor that here are some pictures from the wedding… Too many in my honest opinion but I didn’t know which one’s to cut. I narrowed it down from 1000 to these select 98.

I understand if you unfollow me or don’t even bother looking at all of them.





13-0629hobrock-0072 13-0629hobrock-0850 13-0629hobrock-0846 13-0629hobrock-0779 13-0629hobrock-0768 13-0629hobrock-0761 13-0629hobrock-0744 13-0629hobrock-0741 13-0629hobrock-0712 13-0629hobrock-0710 13-0629hobrock-0694 13-0629hobrock-0690 13-0629hobrock-0574 13-0629hobrock-0558 13-0629hobrock-0471 13-0629hobrock-0333 13-0629hobrock-0217 13-0629hobrock-0089


Ha. If you made it to the end you know there isn’t 98.