Dear husband, thanks.

On June 29 we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary and I just feel like I need to say thanks to the man that challenges me, loves me, pushes me, and respects me.

The last five years haven’t always been easy and I know the next fifty won’t always be easy but thank you for making our life seem easy. Even during our rough times you point out the light at the end of the tunnel making whatever hurdle lie ahead seem easy.

The best piece of marriage advice I received was this “you may not like each other everyday but you will love each other everyday”. These words could not be more true and been more accurate for our life thus far. I can be a bit of a pain in the ass…. but I know even during those rough times our love for each other is still there.

So L, this ones for you.

Thank you.

Now, enjoy the massive photo dump of the last five years.

I cannot plan a bridal shower…


I’m the Maid of Honor in my cousin’s wedding next May, so with that comes the task of planning her bridal shower. Exciting if you’re a party planner by nature, but I am anything but and she lives in Turlock California…. I love my cousin dearly and want nothing more than to plan the most elegant event for her.

So far there are four of us trying to plan the shower but we’re starting to butt heads. How can the four bring our individual visions together? I feel awful because I just vented to the bride! Who vents to the bride?! I’m a people pleaser. I want everyone to be happy and comfortable. I’m planning a shower with three strong willed controlled gals. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum.

My cousin planned my desert night from out of state. She deserves the world and I want her shower to be perfect.

Does true love exist?


This question has been on my mind for awhile. Maybe it’s because of the excessive amounts of Sex and the City I’ve been watching or the total shock of watching people I thought would be together forever are separating/divorcing.

This post will probably have no real meaning other than me asking all the question that have been swirling around in my head.

Is there one person for you? Do we have soul mates? I believe every romantic relationship we have is in some form of a soul mate. Wether or not that relationship worked out you took something away from it. And during that your relationship you were happy (hopefully).

My past relationships have all been relationships that were perfect for that time in my life. I took something away and grew as a person.

How do we decided to fall out of love? Are we fighting hard enough for what we need from our significant others?

6 Months //

Wedding shot

Wedding shot

Well we’ve arrived a small milestone of 6 months of marriage. I wouldn’t say life is easy but I wouldn’t say its hard either. Everyday brings its own challenges but we seem to be navigating this life rather well.

Cheers to us and to another 6 months!

Learning to keep my mouth shut //

The year L and I ran Shamrock run. Our first race together.

The year L and I ran Shamrock run. Our first race together.

Well I did it again. I’m not entirely sure this one is all my fault though. This morning I decided to suck it up and go to a Saturday class at the gym. Showing up to the 8 am class on a Saturday felt like a huge accomplishment and I was energized as soon as I pulled up.

My usual trainer was running this class. I was really feeling exciting for this day. L wasn’t able to join me because he is in busy season so that means working 7 days a week. Before class was starting I sent L a text explaining the workout. We’re both extremely sarcastic and I was expecting a smart ass remark back. As the trainer was getting was ready for warm up I told him about the text and how L would most likely respond. My trainer laughed and decided to tell the owner, because it was FUNNY.

This is when I wanted to walk out and started wishing I had just kept to myself. The owner of our gym came out and decided to go on a “lovely” 5 minute rant on how the gym’s workouts our decided on. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. Also going on about no day is harder than another and I should go home to explain this to L. Instant defense mode kicked into high gear as I’m sure it would for anyone hearing their partner being thrown under the bus.

As the work out got started, I just did what I had to do. Kept telling myself to push through. Just push through. A moment did arise where I was able to explain to our trainer how inappropriate that rant was and he should have addressed me personally so I could explain the joke. I’m happy I have a close relationship with this particular trainer because he did help me feel better and did say he thought the owner would think its funny as well.

I felt so belittled by the owner this morning. L has been a member of this gym for over 3 years. He was one of the first handful of members. If L really thought some days were harder than others why would he up his membership to 4 days a week? Why are we spending almost $300 a month just for us to use your facility?

Moral of the story for me, keep my mouth shut. I don’t feel like I did anything to deserve the treatment this morning, but if that is the response I’m going to get, I’ll just keep to myself . The owner hardly knows L or myself. He doesn’t know how sarcastic we can be. Yes he wanted to defend the business he is growing but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of your members. And yes I’m highly considering discontinuing my membership.

I am hopeful though that this morning was just one of those days for him. I also feel this shows how disconnected he has become from the people who make his dream a reality, the members.

Cheers to a better Saturday!

It’s officially official.

Well folks, my name has been legally changed. So to honor that here are some pictures from the wedding… Too many in my honest opinion but I didn’t know which one’s to cut. I narrowed it down from 1000 to these select 98.

I understand if you unfollow me or don’t even bother looking at all of them.





13-0629hobrock-0072 13-0629hobrock-0850 13-0629hobrock-0846 13-0629hobrock-0779 13-0629hobrock-0768 13-0629hobrock-0761 13-0629hobrock-0744 13-0629hobrock-0741 13-0629hobrock-0712 13-0629hobrock-0710 13-0629hobrock-0694 13-0629hobrock-0690 13-0629hobrock-0574 13-0629hobrock-0558 13-0629hobrock-0471 13-0629hobrock-0333 13-0629hobrock-0217 13-0629hobrock-0089


Ha. If you made it to the end you know there isn’t 98.

Bridal Shower!

On Saturday my sweet sister’s and my mom through me a bridal shower. It was small and intimate. Everything was pink, and almost everything was served in mason jars.

I could not have felt more love than I felt Saturday. I love everyone who was able to come.

Enjoy some of the images of this very special day!
**I never remember my camera or to take pictures specifically for blogging. So these are all iPhone photo’s.










“Your life begins at marriage.”

**Disclaimer: this is my opinion and my opinion only. This is how I feel regarding this particular topic. My hope is that people respect my opinion as I respect yours. Different opinions help keep conversations alive.

A few days ago someone said this to me. At first I didn’t think anything of it. I smiled and kept listening to the unsolicited advice. I say unsolicited because once some folks know you’re planning and wedding opinions come flying at you like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like they aren’t even listening to the things you want.

I do not agree with the above comment. I started living the moment I could. That first day setting up my dorm room. Kissing my mom goodbye. That was sad but I feel those four years of learning about me and the person I want to be was my life. My roommates and I would go out. Make lots of friends. Some forgotten but most are the greatest friends I have.

I strongly feel L and I are the people we are together because our lives began before each other. We’ve both experienced things apart that make us better together. Because of this, I feel our marriage is just a new chapter in the book of my life ((I really hope I live a life other people would want to write about)).

With our nuptials in 20 short days I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of marriage for me. I hope L and I bring our two selfs together to create a great home and life. I love L for him and I hope we don’t lose our individual identities to our marriage. He’s really funny ((crude)), responsible, and always gets his to do list done. I on the other hand am a little more scatter brained. I live to the beat of my own DJ, and there is always a reason for a dance party. I’m probably one of the biggest procrastinators on the planet, but I still get everything done by the time I need to. I don’t test the waters, if I really want something I jump in head first to get it. Kind of like act now think later. L has helped calm this part of me down, but he also knows he can’t change it.

So to wrap things up, I hope if you take anything away from this post its wish happiness on your friends getting married. Live your life now. Hope that you’ll be conjoining two lives instead of waiting to start one.

Happy Sunday!