I cannot plan a bridal shower…


I’m the Maid of Honor in my cousin’s wedding next May, so with that comes the task of planning her bridal shower. Exciting if you’re a party planner by nature, but I am anything but and she lives in Turlock California…. I love my cousin dearly and want nothing more than to plan the most elegant event for her.

So far there are four of us trying to plan the shower but we’re starting to butt heads. How can the four bring our individual visions together? I feel awful because I just vented to the bride! Who vents to the bride?! I’m a people pleaser. I want everyone to be happy and comfortable. I’m planning a shower with three strong willed controlled gals. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum.

My cousin planned my desert night from out of state. She deserves the world and I want her shower to be perfect.

It hit me.


So I realized yesterday that I’m officially 1.5 years from my 30th birthday. I honestly feel a bit foolish but it’s hit me hard that I only have a short time left being a twenty something gal.

When I was 21, even 22, I thought this time was forever away. I love my birthday and what new age means. I’ve always seen getting a year older as a positive step. When I turned 25 I was beyond excited for people to stop associating me with the “typical” early twenties mess. In all honestly I’m still a hot mess but can put a good front up when in public. And L does a great job baby sitting.

I want to embrace age and every passing year but something about this 1.5 years left of my twenties has me freaked the hell out. I suddenly feel overwhelmed and like time is running out to do certain things. Shouldn’t I be a mom before I’m thirty? Have we travelled enough? I don’t save enough! I guess I’m starting to feel like I’m not adult enough to be almost 3-0.

When I really sit and think about it I sound like a superficial brat. “OMG I’m almost 30” high pitch whine.

Isn’t age just a number?