Saturday things //

White Sand Beach, Philippines.

White Sand Beach, Philippines.

I’m not 100% sure I have anything to really write about today. My mind is moving 1000 miles per hour but here I am with nothing of any importance to write about. Mainly I don’t know where to start. A lot of unexciting things are happening in our land as of late and some of it is eating at me.

1. Some recent changes at work. I’m not fully ready to except them, but they’ve already happened. So at some point it will sink in.

2. That moment you know you’ve worked really hard for something and then like a flash its gone. Oh the joys of being an adult. Is there always something? Please fellow adults, I need help with this one. There always seems to be something that needs fixed, i.e. money hard earned spent…

3. ADDICTED to American Horror Story. Season 1 & 2 are on Netflix. Yes I’ve watched them so I am now to the point of buying them off Amazon so I can continue watching season 3. Each season has its own story line with new characters (some returning actors from previous seasons) and I am HOOKED. I am not a television reviewer and cannot do it justice, so please click the link to learn about it. Again ADDICTED/HOOKED.

4. Discovered a cute new shop via instagram, Zou Styles. Already placed my first order, dress and clutch in gold. Thanks instagram and all you have introduced me too.

So there is my post about absolutely nothing. Life lately has been pretty basic, meaning working everyday/sleeping when not working everyday. Also please remember this space is mine. No judgements welcome, unless you have some advice I could use to make this space visually appealing… Also this “button” everyones says you need, how the H do I make that?! This girl has tried and I’m getting no where.

Happy Saturday! If you need me I’ll be wasting my Saturday watching American Horror Story when I should be studying….. And yes, the picture has nothing to do with this post, but I recently read every post needs a picture. Who makes up these rules? Where do I pick up my blogging handbook?

Liebster Award //

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by my Cara Box partner ((and friend)) Megan of Grad Student Needs  Hobby. Well she nominated me over a week ago…. I was previously nominated but totally dropped the ball.

The rules are pretty simple. Simply answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominating blog. Nominated 11 other blogs with 200 followers or less. Then create 11 questions for them to answer. I unfortunately do not have a lot of time to actually read blogs. I follow many on bloglovin and usually browse the titles all day ((in between phone calls)). I mark “read” and “liked” so my presence is known even if I wasn’t able to actually read the post. I feel like I’m missing out on the whole blogger community.

So here are my 11 questions and answers. I hope you enjoy them!

1. What are you reading? I am currently reading The Time Travelers Wife. I loved the movie but never got around to reading the book. My sweet cousin Nicole through me an amazing desert night before my wedding, For gifts she requested everyone just bring me a copy of their favorite love story. This was her gift to me and I love love love it.

2. Finish the sentence: Every day, I… Question if I am reaching my potential. I am planning on addressing this more in a later post, but its weird to think about. Am I truly reaching my potential if I am not working in the field I went to school for?

3. Other than blogging, how do you express your creativity? I love sketching and painting. Since L and I moved in together I’ve lost a bit of that passion. My goal is to set up a special art space in our new place. I really want to tap back into that. I will most likely never share any of my work here but things/people change…

4. What do you enjoy most about the holiday season? EVERYTHING! I truly feel like people tend to be more caring and giving this time of year. I literally imagine the scene from the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, every one holding hands singing around the Christmas tree. Plus a peppermint mocha never hurts.

5. How did you decide on your blog title? Well, Melissa means Honey Bee and everyone in my life likes to tell me how sweet I am. Badda Bing Badda Boom blog title. I have a feeling it may change as this space evolves and as I evolve. But for now it works for me and this space.

6. What’s one personal goal you’d like to set for the new year? I would like to become better at saving. L is an amazing saver. I would like to focus more on my own long term goals and remember those when I go to by that fabulous dress ((or on a target run)). Becoming better at this will also help me simplify my life and declutter.

7. Where do you most like to shop? I feel like this is being asked only because Megan secretly knew what my above response was going to be… Um hello Target and Anthropologie. I just can’t stop. Target is my one stop shop and Anthro is my styke to a T. Even our kitchen has items from Anthro. My pocket book thinks otherwise. I cannot leave Target without spending $100 and thats the price of a top at Anthro. Someone help me!

8. What’s your favorite month? I would say my favorite month is November. Its the perfect in between month. Fall is closing but winter isn’t here yet. The fall colors are here, but the mornings are absolutely frozen.

9. Link us to something that recently made you laugh. Hmmm…. I honestly had to think about this one. I was looking through old pictures and it made me laugh to see how we have changed… Look at the epic selfie I took when I got my new MacBook ((this was 4 years ago)). Oh to be 23 again.

Photo 7

10. What is one thing you keep meaning to do but always wind up putting off? Actually a whole lot. I let myself get easily frustrated and honestly give up. I’m a work in progress, what can I say. Plus I do have this great business venture that I have been thinking about doing… Just haven’t taken the plunge. Stay tuned.

11. What was the most memorable lesson/assignment you ever had in school? My favorite assignment was in my design class. We were told to go out and find something that inspired us that isn’t your typical inspirational piece. Seeing what my classmates designed from everyday buildings, shrubs, cars, and even a gutter was so inspirational. It reminded me to really look around me and at the world. You’ll be surprised by what you see if you really take it in…

Well I hope you enjoyed my answer’s to Megan’s questions. I am planning a second part to this where I tag 11 other bloggers and give them questions. This girl is off to fold laundry then to bed.

Fall Cara Box Exchange //

I recently took part of a great program called Cara Box Exchange. This is a fantastic way to get to know other woman whether or not you blog. Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals started this in hopes that we would reach out to each other and encourage each other. This exchange and future exchanges has been changed up a bit. Instead of only having two weeks to get to know your partners we now have two months. Its a refreshing change and you really get to know them and learn more about their daily life.

For this exchange I was paired with two amazing gals, Megan and Nilda. I sent Megan a box and Nilda sent me a box. It was great being paired with both these gals because we’re all newlyweds and experiencing the same transitions. I also enjoyed getting to know both of them because they are both so determined. Megan is a grad student/blogger and Nilda is a teacher/blogger. I am 100% confident you will become immediately attached to both gals and their blogs as soon as you start reading.

For this exchange the theme was Falling For Fall. As I have written here many of times ((here & here))  fall is my season. I live for the fall and winter. Growing up in the PNW ((pacific northwest)) the changing leafs has become my favorite thing to experience every year. Nilda nailed me to a T with my box.


1. That amazing scarf! Scarfs are my necklaces all fall/winter long. I’m already planning to wear it next week on Thanksgiving.

2. Navy tights with green polka-dots. Enough said! ((I have a great outfit planned for them and may try to post it on the blog…))

3. Gold nail polish. Why yes I have already painted my nails using this new color. I love a fresh manicure.

4. Hot chocolate brownies. As soon as L is done with dinner these are being made and no I am not sharing.

5. The cutest fall cookie mix in a mason jar. Since the brownies will be consuming my life I think these will be made and consumed Saturday. We’ll see if I can actually wait that long.

Well folks, there you have it, my box. Every time I participate I reminded how amazing people are to each other. It makes me want to try harder at being a great person towards others. I also want to encourage others while they are down. So if you are needing that extra bounce in your step please join the exchange. You will not be disappointed. Also, please stop by and say hello to my partners. Inspirational ladies.

The super cute message Nilda put on the outside of my box.

The super cute message Nilda put on the outside of my box.

Fashion Blogging //

I can’t even count how many fashion blogs I follow. I need them to help inspire my own personal style. It helps me break out of my comfort box. 

I was recently scrolling through my phone and realized I’m no where near as awesome at fashion bloggers. Sometimes I think about sharing more of my personal style but then I’m brought back down out of the clouds when look at my awesome fitting room/bathroom portraits. 

I complied a few just to show you guys. My style isn’t anything spectacular but sharing it does sound fun. I hope you enjoy my attempts at fashion blogging!!

DSC_0028 IMG_2871 IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_4043 IMG_4046 IMG_4221 IMG_4370 IMG_5037 IMG_5354 IMG_6175 IMG_6688


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about transferring over to blogger. I mainly blog because I like to play around with blog designs and write my thoughts. I didn’t do any research before starting this WordPress blog but now I feel like I should have.

I did post something on blogger and seemed great. But I lost interest because I would need to rewrite everything. About, our story, all of it.

I want this space to reflect me and who I am. Just trying to find the best way is hard.

If you want to be a truly honest blogger it means putting yourself out there for all to read. So WordPress or blogger?