Our Story

Our story isn’t long but its sweet and we enjoy it. Our story starts in the spring of 2009. It was my first day training at my new job. Only being 23 I had a big head on my shoulder’s. I partied all night the night before and showed up in the morning incredibly hungover. Hey, no judgement. You were 23 once!

Training was the typical introduce yourself, play the name game, chat about where we came from, and then down time in between. This said in between time is when I met S. We hit it off because we both enjoy art and expressing ourselves artistically. While trying to hold our small conversation while also trying not to fall asleep, S made a minor comment about me one day being her daughter in law. Hold the breaks lady, we’ve just met! I knew I liked her but pushed aside the comment as sure craziness this early in the day.



About five months past. S had already moved on to another job and I had not thought about the daughter in law comment again. Until one day in August when S stopped by to let us know she had gotten a promotion and would be moving to Napa in 2 days. Somewhere in the moving conversation she convinced me to go on a blind date with her son. I was shocked but thought “why the heck not? I have nothing to lose other than a night out with friends”.

Two days later I was finishing up my shift at work and getting nervous. I was going out on a blind date, my first blind date.

When I arrived at the wine bar I decided to sit there a few minutes. I didn’t want to be the first one there and let’s be real, its always better to be fashionable late. When I finally decided it was a good time to go in I started getting even more nervous. I held my head up and walked in confidently. Luckily he was the only one sitting at the bar!! We chose this particular wine bar because the website said they were open til 11pm. Well after 2 glasses of wine and 45 minutes they politely let us know they were closing at 9:45 due to lack of business. What?! If you stayed open I would gladly drink more of your wine.


We decided to move our conversation outside. We ended up talking in the parking lot for another 2 hours. Us just standing there alone in a parking lot. As the night came to a close he asked if I would like him to walk me to my car. Ok ladies, we always so “oh no, its fine”. He just responded with “ok”. So I walked to my car alone on the other side of the building…

The next day I didn’t hear from him so I decided I would let him know I had a great time the previous night. He replied he did as well but I didn’t believe him. He didn’t walk me to my car so he must not like me very much. Well after that text we continued texting. It became a regular thing and we even hung out the entire weekend following our first date.


So we eventually moved in together, got some dogs, and now we’re married.



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