Spending freeze: mini update

So I’m still a very big work in progress with this whole spending freeze. I haven’t gotten a handle on not spending at all but I’m definitely more aware of where my money is going. 

At the beginning of October I started using more cash. With the cash I started saving all the change and $1 bills. In the last month I saved up about $50 in just $1 bill. I’m so excited I decided to up the anti this month. 

Starting this month I’m now going to save $5 bills along with my $1 bills. I’m not entirely sure what I’m saving for but I put the money in our vacation tin. This girl has dreams of Paris and I am going to make it happen. 

Word dump of sorts

Packages errrday... #shopaholic

Packages errrday… #shopaholic

It is currently 2pm and I have this sudden huge to word vomit. The last month I had set some high goals and epically failed. I’ve let myself feel defeated over small things. And I am basically just disappointed in myself. On August 1st I wrote the post about my spending freeze. Well I’m here today to announce I failed. I actually failed the very day I started.

I initially went on knowing it was going to be hard and I would be testing my own limits. But wow! I’m embarrassed with my results. I openly admit at 29 I couldn’t go a month without buying something I 100% do not need. I also learned I am not strong enough for such a cold turkey approach.

I did learn a thing or two that is probably a better (slower) approach that I have already starting establishing. I’m not intentional with my purchases. I am completely mindless when I shop. Every time a new package arrived in the mail another sense of defeatedness would hit and I started really noticing the pattern. My original goal was to be more intentional when I shopped and only really shop for which I actually needed.

So this month things are off to a better start. So far in September I have purchased this bag and these crops to keep me motivated during my fitness journey.

  • The bag is going to be my daily handbag. I wanted something classic but stylish. Over the last few months I have been working on downsizing all my shit. With that all my handbags that have been under our bed in a storage bin are gone. Right now I only have a cognac tote, my LV speedy 30, and now this one.
  • The running crops were a SPLURGE! Actually today when L went by the post office to get our mail he came back with the package in hand. As he handed it to me he says “well here’s your $400 Lululemon purchase”. The last few years I’ve been trying to buy cheaper workout gear. Old Navy and Fabletics have great options but they do not last the test of time to a person who workouts 6 days a week. I have items from Lululemon from before I even met L and they’re still going strong. Going back to the tried and true.

The next step on this lovely journey is cleaning out my drawers. I have clothing taking up space that I do not wear and that doesn’t need replacing. I’m not 100% committed to the whole minimalism lifestyle but one thing has really struck a cord with me. If you need to buy more storage for your things, you need to get rid of some of your things.

We have two dressers in our room. A 6 drawer one and a 3 drawer one. Most of the drawers are full of my cloths PLUS tow rubber made drawer sets. Yea the little plastic ones… Just today while putting laundry away I say items in some of the drawers I forgot I even owned. Hello clothes hoarder! If I can focus on cleansing the shit over the rest of the year I feel like I’ll be one step closer to my goal of not shopping. I know the two don’t really go together.

My mom thinks the more I get of rid of stuff the more I’ll spend replacing it. That is not my goal and I’m using my August failure as motivation. I do not want to feel like that again and I don’t want to only be known for my shopping habit.

So wish a gal luck. This is going to be one tough journey especially since Nordstrom is having triple points from September 16-20… Fuck.