2017! A look back in photos.

It’s January 21, 2018! Holy shit, the years really are flying by. I’m excited for everything 2018 could have in store but 2017 was fantastic.

I wish everyone a happy, prosperous, and joyous New Year. Now go work on those resolutions!

Snow & Rambles

Our second now storm has hit and it is magical. We only got about 2 inches but in the Portland area that is a rather BIG deal. It snowed then quickly froze creating a rather large traffic jam. It took my sister 5.5 hours to drive 20 miles.

The snow right before Christmas has been wonderful but also kind of stressful. With only a week to go I’m realizing I haven’t been feeling that Christmas feeling this year. I’ve been playing the Christmas music, watching all the movies, and even decorated our home. But somethings missing. I feel like singing “where are you Christmas” a la Cindy Lou Who.

I know the holiday isn’t about the gifts but we haven’t shopped at all. We chose to buy a few things for the home instead of the traditional needless gifts. We aren’t even doing stockings (my favorite thing on Christmas morning). I know this ridiculous and silly but I am feeling emotional over it.

L is incredibly hard to shop for. I find so much joy is trying to find him the PERFECT gift and stocking stuffers. I know I could sneakily buy him gifts but here’s the kicker/dilemma: we have a joint account and I do not have a credit card. If I were to spend money on the perfect stocking he’d know.

For L Christmas is absolutely not about the gifts. He prefers time spent at home as a little family. Just us and the fur babies. Maybe mimosa or two (or five).

I guess I just miss the big Christmas’ from my childhood. Think Home Alone. 20 people in one house. The adults out numbered by the kids. Us running around being ridiculous, fighting, laughing, consuming too much sugar. I want it all right now. My mom making all her Christmas cookies and my aunts trying to make dinner at the same time. Its all so magical.

I don’t know what the point of this is. I guess I am just in a bit of a funk. I need to stop comparing myself to others and embrace my now. Hopefully sitting down and thinking how I want to embrace the new year will help focus me. Bring me back to my now and hopefully get my mindset back to the positive.

Merry Christmas.



I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve been extremely lazy lately. As soon as I get home from work I put sweats on (after my workout) and most weekends have been spent in my pj’s. Friday to Monday morning the exact pj’s alllllll weekend.

I honestly think a huge role in my epic laziness has been the cold attacks L and I have been under this fall. In September I had my first cold of the season that quickly turned into laryngitis. Then exactly 4 weeks later I got another cold that has turned my nose into a running faucet that doesn’t turn off. I just can’t! L has been consistently sick between all this as well. We’re just done and over it.

So today I’m putting some holiday tunes on (sue me) and cleaning this home. Happy November everyone!

Halloween 2015

Wayne’s world. Party time. Excellent. 

This was our first year dressing up and I love that we picked something within our comfort zone. So far this Halloween was pretty low key and relaxed. We enjoyed a looooong night at a friends house. Then on Halloween I drove with my mom through the gorge. The drive was long, windy, and super rainy.

It’s weird but once Halloween has passed I’m ready for the coziness that winter brings. The next two months is all about warm layers, hot coco, and spreading the joy of the season. Up next is probably one of the best holiday’s, Thanksgiving. I love the meaning of Thanksgiving and how just having a big meal brings our loved one’s together.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. Bring it Christmas music!

Beaching //

Happy Tuesday! This last weekend I went to beach with a few of my co-workers. It was exactly what I needed in order to recharge my batteries and get myself prepared for this looming ((BUSY)) holiday season.

The cute house we stayed in.

The cute house we stayed in.

This wood stove was my life saver! I was freezing all weekend.

This wood stove was my life saver! I was freezing all weekend.


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Hello Lover! This beauty is for sale and I'm drooling/dreaming. Someday...

Hello Lover! This beauty is for sale and I’m drooling/dreaming. Someday…


Getting crazy on the beach after watching Bring It On.

Getting crazy on the beach after watching Bring It On.


Me at my FINEST! I make my husband pride to call me his wife.

Me at my FINEST! I make my husband pride to call me his wife.



Happy Halloween… //

Happy Halloween everyone! We’re rather uneventful over here. L is watching some sports thing and I’m writing this…

Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday but I do hope everyone else is having a happy/safe night!