Thursday OOTD

**so I’m completely aware I’m not a fashion blogger but I enjoy making myself look presentable. And finding my perfect style which seems to be ever evolving.**

With that said I thought it would be fun to share some of my weekly or daily wears with you. Today I kept things casual. It’s stormy in Portland (high wind advisory of 45mph gusts) and raining. So leggings, tunic, and boots it was! 

Don’t mind the unmade bed. I don’t believe in making it.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday. If you’re on the Oregon coast, stay safe.

Fashion Blogging //

I can’t even count how many fashion blogs I follow. I need them to help inspire my own personal style. It helps me break out of my comfort box. 

I was recently scrolling through my phone and realized I’m no where near as awesome at fashion bloggers. Sometimes I think about sharing more of my personal style but then I’m brought back down out of the clouds when look at my awesome fitting room/bathroom portraits. 

I complied a few just to show you guys. My style isn’t anything spectacular but sharing it does sound fun. I hope you enjoy my attempts at fashion blogging!!

DSC_0028 IMG_2871 IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_4043 IMG_4046 IMG_4221 IMG_4370 IMG_5037 IMG_5354 IMG_6175 IMG_6688