Sturgis 2017 – Part One

Back in August L and I loaded up our car with camping gear, our bike was loaded on our friends trailer, and we drove to Sturgis, South Dakota for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Now I wouldn’t consider us the “typical biker” but this was an experience I knew would be once in a lifetime. And it was way more than I could have prepared for.

The drive from Portland to Sturgis is about 20 hours so we split it up into two 10 hour days. I am not a road tripper and this was hard on me. I survived and lived to tell the tale.


The car all loaded up.


Driving through the Gorge/bored.


More driving. More boredom. But look real close and you can see our bike way up there.

We drove through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and finally called it a day in Missoula, Montana. Montana was a fun drive especially when we had to drive through an active forest fire. There were signs along the freeway stating “no stopping for any reason, active fire” and “caution flames and smoke”. You can’t see the flames in the photo’s below but we were extremely close and just happy to get to our stopping point for that day.

We pulled into the C’mon Inn and had to find the nearest food/beer. Let me just say if you ever find yourself in Missoula PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay at the C’mon Inn. Just look at the photos below.


Bear cubs climbing.


Lovely water feature in the lobby and what’s that next to it? A FREAKING HOT TUB IN THE LOBBY!


That’s right, they offer hot tubs in the lobby.

The next morning we woke up bright and early. We hit the road at a lovely 5:30am… This second day of driving was rough. 90% of the drive was just through Montana and let me tell you Montana is HUGE. And once you’re past Missoula its pretty flat and just desert. I will say I was pretty upset at one point of this drive because we kept seeing signs for Little Big Horn. I kept mentioning to L on the way home we have to make time to stop. When the hell are we ever going to be out this way again we HAVE to go. I love history, good and bad, so this really got my gears excited.


Montana sunrise.


Pretty Montana.


After hours of great plains driving we finally saw a “hill”. The Black Hills must be getting close!


Pulling off the freeway to Sturgis!

Well I didn’t plan on breaking this up into multiple post but I have a lot more to share. I’ll be back Monday with the remainder of the trip. I feel bad break this up but I hate reading extremely longs posts but I also hate reading a vacation post that is broken up over a week… But here I am doing just that.

FYI I have been listening to Christmas music while writing this post. Last year I had no spirit and this year I can’t get enough Christmas. That may be a post coming your way as well.

Happy Friday!




Memory lane

Happy November 1st! I hate to say it’s officially the holidays but woah! Thanksgiving is only four weeks away. Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.

I’ve been meaning to get this post up all week but work and life have been busy.

My mom and sister came over Sunday morning for a little walk down memory lane. We spent a few hours together going through old family photos. It was emotional but also so good. I think we needed this to really appreciate the lives we’ve been given and the memories attached.

Here are a few photos from our walk down memory lane. Enjoy!

Me being me.


Family trip to Seaside.

Me, mom, Smokey, and my nephew Bryant.

Nicole feeding one month old Bryant.

My cousin Ryan feeding baby Bryant.

Granpda Tony and Nicole.

Nicole, me, and our cousin Dawn.


The very first photo of the three muskateers. Mom, me, and sissie.

I still make this face when I’m upset/not getting my way.

Gosh we were super cute 80’s kids!

Me and grandpa enjoying Seaside.




Grandpa on my wedding day June 29, 2013.

October 12, 2017 this sweet soul left this earth. I’m not sure how to put into words how I feel. Heart broken with a mix of relief is the best way. He’s no longing fighting. He doesn’t have anymore doctors appointments. No more surgery… He can finally just be.

Grandpa has lived with us (my mom, sister, and I) since I was about 5 years old. Since I was 18 he’s been fighting cancer. But he put up one hell of fight. My whole childhood he was there. Every Friday night he was at the football games “watching me cheer” but I know he was really watching the game.

My heart aches knowing my future child will never know the love this man had for his family. I’m hopeful I can share his life and stories with them so they know the man he was. How very much he would have loved them.

Where ever he is I hope he’s watching over us. I also hope he knows and still feels our love for him.

Grandpa, I know its only been two weeks but I miss you dearly. I know you are finally at peace and I hope you get to spend your days golfing. I will live everyday trying to be the best person I can be while also always being kind to everyone I meet.


Simple pleasures of a dog

Sunday morning Max discovered a window without a screen. L was outside with the dogs while I was inside. The complete joy on his face is obvious. He just couldn’t believe what he was experiencing. I just love him and simple pleasures he finds everywhere.

Life Update

Yet again I let a few months pass before I returned to this space. I was feeling disconnected from this space and unhappy with the way it looked. I spent some time with L’s mom today and she helped me getting it to look more like me. Hopefully more inviting and welcoming. 
Since July we’ve traveled to Sturgis, South Dakota. I’ve gone to San Francisco to visit family. We enjoyed one last lake weekend to close out summer. Basically just tried to enjoy life. It hasn’t all been great but I’m learning such is life, even if it’s heart breaking and world shaking. 

I’m excited to return to this space more. I hope you’re ready for more of me. 


Restless: searching for motivation 

Morning commute

So I just don’t even know where to begin. I guess the beginning but I’m not really sure when that even is. Last summer I left the insurance world and joined a branch of the construction world. 

This move has had some serious benefits but I’ve slowly been learning I’m not cutout for corporate America. I want out. I need out. 

More often than not I wake up with a pit in my stomach. That pit grows as the morning goes on until I pull into my offices parking lot and I almost crumble. What would happen if I just turned around? Just sat in my car? 

Not everyday is like this but definitely more than I’d like to admit. But I’m not sure how or when to make my next move. My husband thinks I should finish my real estate licensing. I agree with him completely but I’ve been lacking the motivation (maybe confidence). 

I just feel like I’m at a serious crossroads. Basically I need to shit or get off the pot. I’m 31.5 and am so ready for babies. Being my own boss would definitely been more ideal for motherhood. Random fact, the longest maternity leave at my office has been 8 weeks unpaid. WHAT?! Three months definitely feel long enough and 8 weeks is all I’m looking at! 

We leave on a vacation for a week in a week. Once we return I have to get serious. No matter how badly I want to lounge on the couch in the evening I have to get this done. Not just for my dreams of being my own boss but for my mental health as well. 

Happy Wednesday! 

Summer so far

Let me just start since this post the weather has definitely decided to work with me. It’s been so hot and sunny this year! We needed it. 

So far this summer has been great! I can’t even begin to explain but I’m going to try! 

I got to meet this handsome devil IN PERSON! Heart exploded into a million pieces.

A little girls night with my mom and aunt. With my aunts special margarita’s of course.

L bought me a leather jacket. Do I look cool enough?

L working on his truck. I guess that’s one way to do it.

I typically don’t leave for work until 6:30 but this particular morning I had to leave at 5:30.

Sweet boy. Always needs his throw pillow while napping on the couch.

A little Snapchat filter after a pretty intense Betty Rocker workout.

Lake Billy Chinook weekend.

L testing out his captain skills.

After a long day outside these pups were pooped.

I guess that’s one way to nap…

My girl. Always has to be right by my side.

Hot summer drive with all the windows down.

Redneck Luau fun.

Sunset over the lake to close out Fourth of July weekend.

Easter Weekend 2017

This weekend started out good. Like really good. Friday evening we went to pizza for dinner. My favorite Friday night treat! Shortly after we met with friends and hung out all evening. I don’t know why but I love simple quality time with friends.

Saturday started even better because the sun was shining and it was warm. The weather definitely effects my mood and having the weekends be as nice as they have been is making a huge difference in my mental and emotional state.

The dogs and L were outside all day Saturday while I went to a baby shower and it definitely showed when I got home. Very tired dogs and husband. But 25% of our fence is complete! That’s a win folks.

Sunday we went on a ride. I’m trying to get as many miles under my belt before our trip to Sturgis this summer. It wasn’t as sunny but it was about 10 degrees warmer. We spent the day with great company stopping for lunch and of course our favorite fire pit/brewery.


Of course everyone crashed Sunday night. Its honestly amazing what the nice weather and all the outside time did for us. I knew we needed it but it really hit home as I was getting ready for bed Sunday night. The weekend was incredibly eventful but it was enough to remind me how good we have it. So so good.


“You’re beautiful” – A thank you note

So this post was originally started in August of 2014. It has never been published. Just sitting in my drafts. Don’t ask me why! I just feel like today I need to share some positivity to remind us we are beautiful!

A little back story. Friday was a really good day. You know the days where you just wake up in a good mood, you put on the most perfect outfit, and you walk out the door with an extra hop to your step. Yeah, it was one of those. I worked and eventually started my drive home. The sun was shining, it was finally a normal summers day here (not even 90) and all windows were down with the sun roof wide open. After working all week Friday’s drive home is the best feeling, do you not agree! Stopped at the stop light I hate the most a younger guy pulls up next to me, windows down as well, and yelled “you’re beautiful”.
I know its a small gesture that could be seen as negative if my day wasn’t going so well. But that comment just added to my day, heck my weekend. So I just felt the need to thank him. Thank you kind stranger for reminding me I am beautiful. We’re all beautiful and shouldn’t be afraid of admitting that to ourselves.

A little peak of my outfit Friday. Top, jeans, shoes.

A little peak of my outfit Friday. Top, jeans, shoes.

Working on my fitness 

So I’m a slacker. I say I’ll be back with a fitness update but obviously that hasn’t happened. I haven’t been keeping up on my fitness so you’re not missing anything.

I tried BBG for a good 12 weeks. I liked it. Really enjoyed it actually. My only complaint is I don’t own a lot of the equipment needed to perform a majority of the later work outs and I don’t have unlimited funds to go buy all the extra equipment. And no I do not have a gym membership. That shit ain’t free.

Last spring I was determined and completed the Tone It Up Bikini Series 2016. This year I’m gearing up for the same. It’s starts on April 24th and I’m ready. Determined.

I remind myself daily I’m doing this for a healthy lifestyle not for a perfect transformation. I feel like we’re bombarded with transformation pictures. I just want to feel good about myself and hopefully my friends notice my efforts. If I don’t look like the picture perfect specimen that’s your problem.

I’m starting, well trying, to use my fitness Instagram more but I get nervous. People I actually know have started following it and I’m just not ready for that. I changed the settings to private for now. Hopefully I get more courage and eventually say screw it. Only time will tell. If you feel like following along my username is missie_fit. 

Happy Tuesday!