“You’re beautiful” – A thank you note

So this post was originally started in August of 2014. It has never been published. Just sitting in my drafts. Don’t ask me why! I just feel like today I need to share some positivity to remind us we are beautiful!

A little back story. Friday was a really good day. You know the days where you just wake up in a good mood, you put on the most perfect outfit, and you walk out the door with an extra hop to your step. Yeah, it was one of those. I worked and eventually started my drive home. The sun was shining, it was finally a normal summers day here (not even 90) and all windows were down with the sun roof wide open. After working all week Friday’s drive home is the best feeling, do you not agree! Stopped at the stop light I hate the most a younger guy pulls up next to me, windows down as well, and yelled “you’re beautiful”.
I know its a small gesture that could be seen as negative if my day wasn’t going so well. But that comment just added to my day, heck my weekend. So I just felt the need to thank him. Thank you kind stranger for reminding me I am beautiful. We’re all beautiful and shouldn’t be afraid of admitting that to ourselves.

A little peak of my outfit Friday. Top, jeans, shoes.

A little peak of my outfit Friday. Top, jeans, shoes.

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