Working on my fitness 

So I’m a slacker. I say I’ll be back with a fitness update but obviously that hasn’t happened. I haven’t been keeping up on my fitness so you’re not missing anything.

I tried BBG for a good 12 weeks. I liked it. Really enjoyed it actually. My only complaint is I don’t own a lot of the equipment needed to perform a majority of the later work outs and I don’t have unlimited funds to go buy all the extra equipment. And no I do not have a gym membership. That shit ain’t free.

Last spring I was determined and completed the Tone It Up Bikini Series 2016. This year I’m gearing up for the same. It’s starts on April 24th and I’m ready. Determined.

I remind myself daily I’m doing this for a healthy lifestyle not for a perfect transformation. I feel like we’re bombarded with transformation pictures. I just want to feel good about myself and hopefully my friends notice my efforts. If I don’t look like the picture perfect specimen that’s your problem.

I’m starting, well trying, to use my fitness Instagram more but I get nervous. People I actually know have started following it and I’m just not ready for that. I changed the settings to private for now. Hopefully I get more courage and eventually say screw it. Only time will tell. If you feel like following along my username is missie_fit. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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