I was looking through my drafts and I started a post last year. The first week of January I started a post entitled 2016: The year of doing. There is absolutely nothing the body, just a title. Now I know my intentions were good. I must have meant to finish that post but life obviously happened.

This year I’m having a fleeting feeling when I try to think of resolutions. Seeing that blank post is kind of reassuring me… Maybe I always have this feeling once the New Year is here. I feel like I can 100% say with total confidents that resolutions are not my thing. So this year I’m picking a word. One word I want to center my life around. A word that will help better our life.

This year I am working on being Intentional.

I want to me intentional with my time, family, friends, work, work outs…. I could probably go on.

I’m quickly approaching 31 and I feel like its about damn time I stop letting this little jealousy bugger get to me. I’m going to be intentional with my friendships. Why am I putting effort into people who aren’t putting effort into me? No more FOMO (hopefully) for this girl. I do not need or want to be always included.

Life quickly approaches the end for all of us. Yes, everyone eventually dies. I am going to be more intentional with my family and L’s family. I do not want to look back and think I didn’t try hard enough. I need to be more present and engaging. Maybe even try to make family dinners a once a month thing with my moms side. They only live about 20 minutes away. I should see them more than I do, unfortunately.

I think this one is hard for everyone who lives life and works full time but I need to be very intentional at work. Focus my energy between 7am-4pm on just work. Its been almost 6 months since I started my new job but every day is a roller coaster. I probably make it that way because I am super hard on myself but not anymore.

I could go on but I think everyone gets the point. I feel as though my intentions should always be pure and from the heart so maybe I should really focus on that this year. Of course a few other things are on my agenda. I fully intend to keep my saving journey going. I actually have a little goal for myself. This could be seen as a resolution I guess but I see it as a part of my no spending journey. I’m not going to buy myself anything new or unnecessary (clothing wise) until March 1st.

I’ll keep you posted how well that goes… I did purchase the new tone it up work outs but that is part of my self betterment plan.

Happy New Year!

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