Random Rambles


Its been a mess here lately with all the rain, snow and ice. Maybe that’s what effecting my mood. Maybe its the fact I’m watching PS I Love You while drinking a cider but I’m feeling a bit off lately. Envious, jealous, left out… Kind of a mix of emotions.

I’m worried about my friendships. Am I giving enough? Am I giving too much? I have this feeling like I keep getting left out but I don’t want to believe it’s true. I know its just me over thinking but at the same time I can’t shake this feeling. Adult friendships are hard. Finding and keeping great adult friendships is hard work.

Maybe the looming new year is subconsciously getting to me. I always look back this time of year and worry I didn’t accomplish enough. We bought a house this year. That is huge and something we worked really hard for. Will 2017 top that? Do I need 2017 to top 2016?

We have some exciting events coming up and I hope I can shake this feeling. I love my friends and I love everything we’ve accomplished this year.


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