Snapchat v.01

So I’ve had snapchat for awhile and I still have no idea how to use it. Well the trendy way to use. Instead I take random selfies and save them to my phone. 

Enjoy volume one of random snapchat selfies. 

Paint night

A couple weeks ago a bunch of gals met up for a mid week meet up to learn how to paint the gorgeous fall foliage. I had a great time but I did take a couple things away from this experience:

  1. I cannot paint. I definitely will not be making my future income as a painter.
  2. The teacher’s criticize. They begin every class by saying “this is your masterpiece” but by the end they are telling you are not doing something correctly or the way they want. I was told I wasn’t painting my leafs correctly.

Well I hope you enjoy y progress pictures.



I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve been extremely lazy lately. As soon as I get home from work I put sweats on (after my workout) and most weekends have been spent in my pj’s. Friday to Monday morning the exact pj’s alllllll weekend.

I honestly think a huge role in my epic laziness has been the cold attacks L and I have been under this fall. In September I had my first cold of the season that quickly turned into laryngitis. Then exactly 4 weeks later I got another cold that has turned my nose into a running faucet that doesn’t turn off. I just can’t! L has been consistently sick between all this as well. We’re just done and over it.

So today I’m putting some holiday tunes on (sue me) and cleaning this home. Happy November everyone!