Fitness Update (finally)

So back in June I said I would have a fitness update for you. Well… That obviously didn’t happen. Today I’m stopping by to remedy that.

As I’ve stated before I’ve been following along with the Tone It Up program. I absolutely love the work outs and its free people. But this summer got away from me and I didn’t stick with a program at all. Now I feel as though I am starting over. Oh well because I’ve been living my life in the moment and sometimes that is completely OK.

In early September I decided to start a new and started following Kayla Istines BBG program. Holy guacamole things really have been kicked up a notch. Leg days are no joke folks. Now I’ve only been following her program for four weeks so I cannot give a proper review but o far I do feel like my $20 a month membership is worth it.

I’m not ready to show full before/after photos but here’s a little peak at day one versus day one of week three. The bloating around my midsection is definitely going down.


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