Fall weekend


L had some errands to run early Sunday morning so I did what all basic gals do, lit my favorite fall candle and put Hocus Pocus on.

Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this very moment. When the weather starts shifting towards the cold I feel this inner need to nest. Maybe I’m the strange gal but I need these  cold rainy weekends. I need the home tidy, warm, cookies baking, and a festive movie/soundtrack playing in the back ground.

I love the simple hum of the washer and dryer going (hopefully with clean sheets) and the sound of the rain on our roof. There is just something about October and the shift in the season.

Am I the only one with the strange need (desire) to have these nesting or hibernating weekends? I hope not because there is just something about waking up Monday feeling refreshed and anew.

Happy Monday friends.

Thursday OOTD

**so I’m completely aware I’m not a fashion blogger but I enjoy making myself look presentable. And finding my perfect style which seems to be ever evolving.**

With that said I thought it would be fun to share some of my weekly or daily wears with you. Today I kept things casual. It’s stormy in Portland (high wind advisory of 45mph gusts) and raining. So leggings, tunic, and boots it was! 

Don’t mind the unmade bed. I don’t believe in making it.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday. If you’re on the Oregon coast, stay safe.

Foggy mornings

I was up early this morning and try to capture the quiet morning fog with a real camera. Typically I only post pictures taken with my iPhone. Our real camera scares me only because I don’t know how to use it properly.

Well I want to change that. So here’s to more (probably not great) photo’s being taken with a real camera. And to hoping I can learn how to edit them as well.

Happy Saturday!

Embrace the everyday.

The trees surrounding our home.

I thought I knew what I wanted to say when I sat down to write this. But all I can think about is Emily from The Freckled Fox. I’ve followed her blog and Instagram for a few years. Her blog was even an inspiration for this space here.

Her family has recently gone through heartbreak. Heartbreak I don’t even know how to put into words. A heartbreak that brings me to tears but also so incredibly proud (envious) of her strength.

If you don’t know her families story please visit her blog or listen to this podcast.

I know after you do you will embrace the everyday. The evenings spent in doing load after load of laundry. The dishes over flowing in the kitchen. Going to sleep angry but waking with a fresh perspective.

Embrace the everyday. I have extra tissues.


Fitness Update (finally)

So back in June I said I would have a fitness update for you. Well… That obviously didn’t happen. Today I’m stopping by to remedy that.

As I’ve stated before I’ve been following along with the Tone It Up program. I absolutely love the work outs and its free people. But this summer got away from me and I didn’t stick with a program at all. Now I feel as though I am starting over. Oh well because I’ve been living my life in the moment and sometimes that is completely OK.

In early September I decided to start a new and started following Kayla Istines BBG program. Holy guacamole things really have been kicked up a notch. Leg days are no joke folks. Now I’ve only been following her program for four weeks so I cannot give a proper review but o far I do feel like my $20 a month membership is worth it.

I’m not ready to show full before/after photos but here’s a little peak at day one versus day one of week three. The bloating around my midsection is definitely going down.


Summer 2016

So… It’s October 2nd. My last post was June 29th. The last month I had determine I wasn’t going to renew this space. But this morning something washed over me and I’m just not ready to let go. I was reading back through older post and this space holds so many memories. I cannot wait to continue to add to our memory box.

So what have we been up to this summer you ask. A lot.


I went to a bachelorette party and these people were walking the camp grounds like life size stick figures.

Went to my second rodeo and felt the need to dress the part.

Calvin came up to visit. Had to take our usual selfie.

This sweet girl is having a baby any day and I got the privilege to throw her an Oregon shower.

Calvin and Lola needed snuggle time (he posed).

I found a yard gnome! Our new place came with him and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Went hiking to Abiqua Falls.


Hiking is amazing but even better when you have great company along the way.

Hiking around Rhody Lake.

Terrible yoga by Rhody Lake.

Cleaned up for a wedding. Love Oregon wine country.

L’s mom got a puppy! She was there the morning of my last day as an insurance agent. We needed to document the morning.

Puppies and their unusual sleeping spots.

Slow Sunday mornings with our fur babies and sunlight.

Enjoyed many Harley rides before we retire the old girl.

Started building a fence.

Had many days sunbathing with my girl.

Our annual trip to Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel.

Going on day dates to enjoy the sun before its gone for 9 months.


Well that was our summer in a nutshell. As I sit here typing this it’s raining and gloomy. I love it! Life can sneak up on us (2016 is almost gone!) and I hope to embrace it more everyday.

Happy Sunday everyone.