A house.

Welp, I’m officially a homeowner. Well as of May 19th.

It’s interesting, in December I wasn’t really aware or sure we were close to our goal of homeownership. The week before Christmas I feel as though L woke up one day and just said “we’re going to submit our paper work to get pre-approved for a home loan”. Um ok.

By mid January we had a pre-approval letter and were ready to start our home search. We definitely looked at few lemons before we found our home. On March 10th there was a new listing on our Zillow app. It stated “listing coming soon”. I wasn’t 100% sure but I immediately sent it to L with the caption “I need to see this house”. It was on the higher side of our budget so before we contacted our agent (the most amazing agent/agency in the Portland area) to make sure it was doable. He gave us the green light and I gave our agent the green light.

We saw the house that evening at 5:30 and I just knew. Its perfectly imperfect but has everything we wanted. We left the viewing not sure if we wanted to make an offer. By 8pm we were proof reading our offer. It all happens so fast and I immediately put the brakes on. I asked to wait til the following morning to submit our offer. I just couldn’t believe this was it. We were about to offer how much money?! Lets make sure its the one. When we woke up the following morning L noticed they had an open house listed for the following day. I’m not sure about your area but in Portland if there is an open house that means the agent is expecting multiple offers and it usually turns into a bidding war. We were ready to submit our offer but it was at our max. We couldn’t go up. We submitted our offer and thought at least we tried.

Two days later we got the call our offer had been accepted. 60 days later we got the keys. Now we are moved in. After 4 years of living with my father in law it feels so nice to live alone with my husband. We chose to live with my father in law to make sure we were in a better place long term before committing to buying a home and the mortgage. I love our new house and the home its becoming.


The day we signed I splurged on a nice bottle of bubbly.



We got our keys! Typically the sold sign would be on the sign out front but it was already removed so we utilized the covered porch.



Max and Leif also known as the new neighborhood watch.


Gnome. I’ve always wanted yard gnomes and our home has one already. I adore home.


My first grocery shopping trip. Groceries are EXPENSIVE!


A day of unpacking calls for mimosas.


Before we closed I found these rocking chairs at Lowes. I wanted them so badly. L made sure I got them.


And I finally have full length mirrors. Four to be exact.

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