Well… I’ve been absent. I’m sorry but not really. I never intended to ignore this space. I just needed the break. Since my last post in January we have had some serious changes. Good changes. Great changes actually.

1.In February I turned 30. I’m freaking 30. Let me just say when I as 18 this is not how I pictured 30. In ways it’s actually better than I pictured.

2. We bought a house! A fucking HOUSE people! A full post is coming on this but I will say home ownership wasn’t on my radar. I never thought it would be an option.

3. I still haven’t taken my real estate exam. Guys, I don’t know… The schooling was expensive but after buying our house and going through the process as a buyer was eye opening. I’m not 100%. We shall see folks.

4. Fitness and working out is my jam. I haven’t returned to crossfit. I mean it was $140 a month. In January I started following the Tone It Up gals. Guys, this plan works if you follow along and eat cleaner/leaner. The work outs are all available online for FREE. They do have a full 8 week nutrition plan available for purchase but I haven’t felt the need to spend $150 on something L can help with me. After 4 weeks I was seeing results. Since moving 3 weeks ago I’ve fallen off the wagon but tomorrow I’m back at it. #abs


5. So money and my spending freeze. Buying a house forces you to never spend any money. Like putting diesel in my car stresses me out. I’ll go into further detail in my house update.

Well I’m out. My goal for 2016 was to really put more effort into this space. I have new found drive and know I will be back here more frequently.

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