A few random facts about me

Well I haven’t really listed these out before. I need to update my about me page but figured I would just do a post first.


 -Scattered brained is an understatement. If it’s not keeping my attention my mind easily wonders. 

-I’m indecisive. Do not ask me want I want for dinner or where I want to eat. I don’t know! Just tell me where we are going. 

-Do not talk to me the first five minutes after I wake up. Let me let the dogs out and make my coffee. 

-Coffee snob. You might want to sit down for this one but I strongly dislike Starbucks. I will drink it if it is my ONLY option but I would rather drive out of my way for Petes or a hole in the wall place. Hello it’s Portland. We have 100% better coffee on every street corner. 

-I love neutrals. Black, white, gray, and baige. I wear almost the exact same thing everyday in these colors. 

-I consider leopard print a neutral. I wear leopard flats or heels every day as well. 

-I love platinum blonde hair. I’m lusting after platinum hair but it is a process even for us natural blondes. 

-Chocolate covered gummy bears are the shit. I love them! Give me a bag and I’ll be gone within seconds.

-Handbags are my love language. But I’m very specific. If it’s not the exact one I want do not bother. 

-Work out tanks with funny sayings keep me motivate. Esty is a gold mine for great tanks. 

-I wear pearl earrings everyday. L got them for me and I haven’t taken them off since. 

-Red nails are amazing. I rarely change from any shade of red on my nails. 

-I’m still learning how to do eyeliner so Iprefer lipstick  over doing winged eyeliner. Red, pink, nude lips, beautiful. 

-Wine, cider, and champagne are my drink of choice. Yes we have all three at all times. 

I guess I’ll stop there. I could go on but I feel like I just word dumped random facts about myself for no reason.

Happy Wednesday! 

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