Well the year is quickly coming to a close. I guess it hasn’t really hit me that another year has passed and I still have this dang life goal list that nothing is checked off of. How can a person have so many dreams but lack motivation? 

This mornings view was dreamy. I just wish I could have stayed home to enjoy it. Early mornings with a quiet house are my favorite! I am happy it’s Thursday  though. After the holiday last week it made for a very busy work week this week. I just wish the US appreciated time off like Europe. I could take a month off without losing sick time or PTO… Just saying. 

I’m really excited for Christmas. I feel like I’ve really nailed it this year as far as gifts go for L. I love surprises so much I have a hard time waiting to give them. 

Now a little fitness update. I miss running guys. Like truly miss it. My knees would die though. I’m still very much enjoying cross fit but have put my membership on hold this month. My gym has class at very specific times and traffic hasn’t been on my side since Halloween. 

To make up for it I’ve started rowing 2000 to 3000 meters a night and a toning video. Usually something I’ve pulled from YouTube. Ant tips and tricks welcome! 

I want abs people! 

Has anyone out there participated in the tone it up work outs or Kayla Itsines program? I’ve considered doing one of those and saving my $140 a month membership. I just want to chat with someone who has experience with either program. 

Happy first week of December. N*Sync Christmas is my life right now! 

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