Holiday’s 2015


on our way to my mothers christmas eve


christmas morning mimosa’s in our new copper mugs

Christmas 2015 was amazing. I love the holiday season and the instant magic that is all around. I’m grateful to close out the years with such a magical season. 
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and are preparing for celebrate a New Years. 


Loving December 


quiet sunday morning at my mama’s


quiet morning by our tree


This month always gives me all the feels. I love enjoying the moment with all the Christmas music blaring. There currently isn’t a lot on my mind but I felt the need to stop in. 

I’m sad to think this month is almost over. What will we have to look forward to come January 1st?! But I am reminded every time I open my day planner our January weekends are filling up and February brings my 30th birthday. 

Even with all that excitement I’m going to enjoy December a little bit longer. Squeeze every ounce of holiday cheer that I possibly can. 

A few random facts about me

Well I haven’t really listed these out before. I need to update my about me page but figured I would just do a post first.


 -Scattered brained is an understatement. If it’s not keeping my attention my mind easily wonders. 

-I’m indecisive. Do not ask me want I want for dinner or where I want to eat. I don’t know! Just tell me where we are going. 

-Do not talk to me the first five minutes after I wake up. Let me let the dogs out and make my coffee. 

-Coffee snob. You might want to sit down for this one but I strongly dislike Starbucks. I will drink it if it is my ONLY option but I would rather drive out of my way for Petes or a hole in the wall place. Hello it’s Portland. We have 100% better coffee on every street corner. 

-I love neutrals. Black, white, gray, and baige. I wear almost the exact same thing everyday in these colors. 

-I consider leopard print a neutral. I wear leopard flats or heels every day as well. 

-I love platinum blonde hair. I’m lusting after platinum hair but it is a process even for us natural blondes. 

-Chocolate covered gummy bears are the shit. I love them! Give me a bag and I’ll be gone within seconds.

-Handbags are my love language. But I’m very specific. If it’s not the exact one I want do not bother. 

-Work out tanks with funny sayings keep me motivate. Esty is a gold mine for great tanks. 

-I wear pearl earrings everyday. L got them for me and I haven’t taken them off since. 

-Red nails are amazing. I rarely change from any shade of red on my nails. 

-I’m still learning how to do eyeliner so Iprefer lipstick  over doing winged eyeliner. Red, pink, nude lips, beautiful. 

-Wine, cider, and champagne are my drink of choice. Yes we have all three at all times. 

I guess I’ll stop there. I could go on but I feel like I just word dumped random facts about myself for no reason.

Happy Wednesday! 

Weekend recap. 

I’m not the biggest fan of weekend recaps but this weekend was so full of amazingness. I need to document for our memory capsule that is this blog.

silliness at the office.


new nails.


hot coco and our holiday card.


the official welcome sign of portland.

Wow. I’m still riding the high from how great this weekend was. It was just exactly what we needed with the perfect mixture of plans and spontenaity. 

Friday I of courses worked all day but the wreaths were delivered. The smell must have got to me because I had to take a photo with one of the wreaths. Plus I was so ready to get the hell out of there. Long week after Thanksgiving the week before. 

Saturday we picked out our tree. It was pouring but I think L knew there was no getting out it. I needed my damn tree. We’re less than three weeks away from Christmas bitches. 

Of courses we lounged most of the afternoon. Him watching football (puke) and me watching Home Alone with a giant hot coco. Extra marshmallows. 

Later in the evening we went to the Quiet Riot concert. Little nerd alert, I took a video of the lead singer of Bullet Boys dancing on stage and he liked my Instagram of it. I may have slightly lost my shit. 

The best part of the night was two of our friends decided to come last minute. They only caught the main act, Quiet Riot, but it was fun to hang out with great music. 

And what night is complete without late night happy hour?! After the show the four of us headed across the street to Portland City Grill for drinks and beautiful views. I ended up drinking way too much making Sunday pretty shitty but I say it’s completely worth it. 

So nothing too exciting but for us a great weekend. Sunday was a wash. I did decorate the tree but I didn’t shower or change out of my pj’s. 

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Happy Monday! 

late night pdx. #schwasted


Well the year is quickly coming to a close. I guess it hasn’t really hit me that another year has passed and I still have this dang life goal list that nothing is checked off of. How can a person have so many dreams but lack motivation? 

This mornings view was dreamy. I just wish I could have stayed home to enjoy it. Early mornings with a quiet house are my favorite! I am happy it’s Thursday  though. After the holiday last week it made for a very busy work week this week. I just wish the US appreciated time off like Europe. I could take a month off without losing sick time or PTO… Just saying. 

I’m really excited for Christmas. I feel like I’ve really nailed it this year as far as gifts go for L. I love surprises so much I have a hard time waiting to give them. 

Now a little fitness update. I miss running guys. Like truly miss it. My knees would die though. I’m still very much enjoying cross fit but have put my membership on hold this month. My gym has class at very specific times and traffic hasn’t been on my side since Halloween. 

To make up for it I’ve started rowing 2000 to 3000 meters a night and a toning video. Usually something I’ve pulled from YouTube. Ant tips and tricks welcome! 

I want abs people! 

Has anyone out there participated in the tone it up work outs or Kayla Itsines program? I’ve considered doing one of those and saving my $140 a month membership. I just want to chat with someone who has experience with either program. 

Happy first week of December. N*Sync Christmas is my life right now!