Four days of day drinking.

Thursday: The day started out innocently enough. Made a cup of coffee and snuggled up with my Olive girl for a quiet morning. Once 7:30am hit I knew the champagne needed to be opened. Let the day drinking commence! Growing up my mom and aunts always had mimosas on holidays. I’m so use to it that it is not a holiday unless I have a mimosa in hand. 

Our day was spent outside. It’s been extremely cold lately but sunny. We utilized the sun by pulling out some toys and playing with the dogs. Mainly trying to get some of their energy out. Once we came back in the champagne was gone so what else would I do but move on to margaritas. It was a nice afternoon beverage to enjoy before the cooking got real serious. 

I did help make one side dish. It’s a paleo stuffing recipe that we’ve slightly altered to be our potato side dish instead of candied yams or mashed potatoes. But do not be fooled by this point I’d opened a bottle of wine. 

I think it goes without saying we were in bed by 8:30 not just from food comas. 

Friday: Another day ready for the taking. To start out we had zero plans. I thought I would do a quick workout and maybe some laundry. We ended up going over to our friends house for the annual civil war game. Oregon vs. Oregon State. The husbands watched the game while us ladies chatted it up while enjoying a few mimosas, then caramel apple sangria, and then topped it off with wine. No night is complete without a wine night cap. But word to the wise, just because you had a bacon cheeseburger for lunch doesn’t mean you can skip dinner. 

So night two ended early again with this girls husband dragging her home. Winning. 

  Saturday: By this point I’m feeling my poor choices. But alas we had a Winterhawks game and a possible Bon fire gathering. We ended up only going to the Winterhawks game but I did enjoy two beers there. Then pizza and beer for dinner. Nothing a little pizza and beer can’t fix. 
Sunday: Needless to say I started really feeling the day drinking by this point. I decided to keep things under control by just finishing an entire bottle of wine. 

It takes a trained proffessional to do what I do. Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. 

Merry freaking Christmas! 

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