A Sunday Adventure

Yesterday was adventure filled. L wanted to play around with his new side by side and I wanted to get a whimsical photo for our annual holiday card. Both goals were accomplished. 

It’s was great to spend a morning being adventure seekers. Racing around to different waterfalls in hopes of getting that one shot. We’ve never taken our own photos seriously so we still have a lot to learn. We used L’s GoPro and mounted it on our tripod. Using our nice camera would have let us get better  details of our faces but the GoPro is water proof. L even bought the tripod mount spicifically for this adventure. 

In the photo above we’re at Abiqua Falls. If you intend on making the trip please bring an suv. I’ve seen cars make the trip down but I would HIGHLY advise against it. We’ve driven L’s suv down and he thinks that’s even pushing its limits. If you can park off the “main road” and use a four wheeler or UTV to get down I would suggest that. Our side by side owned the road getting down and we were able to go about 40mph. Not at all possible in a regular vehicle. 

Here are a few photos from our adventure: 


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