Manic Monday

Monday morning came a lot faster than I like. This weekend was nothing special. Saturday L worked while I kept myself busy. Man we definitely go from one extreme to next around these parts. From about July to December 15th it’s all Christmas all the time and I 100% understand why he’s not too thrilled with Christmas everyday. (He prints the tags that are on fresh Christmas trees). 

Saturday even we did sneak off to watch our Winterhawks. I’m still learning the rules of hockey but I’m more knowledgable every game. 

Sunday we woke up and had a quiet morning. L baked a Sachertorte while I downed two bloody Mary’s. Still trying to decide if that was a good idea or not. We did go to the shop to help get an order out for trees going to Mexico. That felt pretty productive and fun while enjoying by buzz. 

As uneventful as our weekend was I really loved it. We just took our time and there wasn’t a set schedule. It really made the weekend feel restful. Plus it was cold and rainy so I got to wear a beanie and no make up. Winning! 


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