November vibes

Cheesy selfie while freezing in the 35 degree temps at 8am.

Man. This weather has really got me. I hate being cold but I love layering more. And this season. Instantly the joy of Thanksgiving and Christmas is in the air. 

I pulled out this wool coat finally. I’m excited but not ready at the same time. It’s hard to believe we’re already to below freezing temps at night and super cold during the day. 

I’m usually one for no Christmas anything until after Thanksgiving but this year I can’t help myself. Yup, Christmas music has officially been downloaded to the phone. Something has just got me this year and I feel like I need Christmas right now. 

We purchased our season passes for Timberline yesterday. Please everyone do your snow dance! Last year we were only able to go up 3 times. I need ski weekends this year! Especially since I convinced L to stay at the lodge the weekend of my 30th birthday. That won’t be as fun with zero snow. 

Happy Thursday everyone! This week is almost in the bag. 

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