Wrote this the other day. Forgot to post. Enjoy the randomness. 
It’s still early and I’m sitting in my massage therapist lobby with the sudden urge to write. I’m not entirely sure about what. I just have so many feelings. I woke up to a gloomy, misty, foggy morning (my favorite). The leaves all around are changing and the light is amazing. 

Some recent developments have me really excited but until we’ve signed on the dotted line I’m not ready to talk openly about it yet. It’s my space and I’m allowed to be vague if I want to. 

The other day while I was sitting at my desk. The day was going slowly so I put my current favorite podcast on and just wrote. I waste ally excited to get that pen to paper time in. My plan was to rewrite for this space but I forgot it at work. Hopefully I remember to bring it home next week. 

A couple weeks ago we went to see George Thorogood at a casino on the beach. “Bad to bone” and winning money was a Friday night well spent in my book. 


Is real life blogging dead? 

Man this weather finally got its act together. It’s a soggy mess in Portland and my rainy heart couldn’t be happier. In fact I’m wearing tights today for the first time this season. Bring it cold rainy days. 

I’m currently sitting at my desk reading other blogs and I’m baffled how people find time to write five days a week. I enjoy this space but I enjoying my evenings with L more. Real life over blog life. Also when did it become a thing to only write “how to” blog posts? I miss the random gumble of words that flowed out from life’s joys, frustrations, business, or whatever. 

I don’t need a full post. Maybe a photo of a trashed kitchen with a small blurb with a hair pulling emoji. Something to know a real person with real life struggles is running the show… I just miss someone pouring their hearts out and it not being related to some product they’re being paid to sell.

I miss you bloggers and your messy kitchens. I don’t know. I’m not trying to push anyone down. I’m just a concerned reader that noticed a lot of sponsored/how to post have been popping up.