Thoughts on being devalued

Yesterday while at the gym I had a conversation with a gal I’ve gotten to be friends with. I was nervous for the workout ahead and told her how I have days where I just feel like I’m not trying hard enough if I can’t complete the work in the alotted time. 

She looked at me with a big smile and simply said stop devaluing yourself. She explained how when she started at CFOC she felt like she had to keep up with everyone else. Then she got injured. She realized while recovering to stop putting herself to someone else’s standards. She’s there for herself not to impress everyone. 

In that moment I remembered why I’m there. I’m there for me. To help me be a better version of myself. My abs are how I thought they’d look at this point but every day I get faster. My endurance level is increasing. 

I need to stop putting myself down just because I’m not finishing the work out when the veteran gym members are. Hey it hasn’t even been a year yet! 

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