Minimalism: is it for everyone? 

Lately I’ve started reading a few blogs on the topic of minimalism. The idea of minimalism is to live with less physical belongings (preferably less than 100 items) and you’ll free up space for more happiness. Please keep in mind I’m generalizing here. If you want more of an in depth description google it. 

As of this very moment in time I do not feel like this is realistic for my life. I do like the idea of living with less and buying items more intentionally. I’m the mindless shopper here. I’ve started slowing going through my clothing to start. I have clothes that I’ve never worn (tags still attached) and items only worn once just hanging in my closet taking up space. 

While doing this slow process of decluttering I stumbled on a blog about a gal who went on a one year spending freeze. She only bought was absolutely neccesary (I.e. Cleaning supplies, groceries, rent). Her goal was to put all the money she use to spend on lattes and random home goods into a separate account. At the end of her one year freeze she would add up all her savings. Well she surprised herself and ended up saving over $17,000! In a freaking year people! 

I am not fully committing to a year spending freeze but I thought about trying a two month freeze. No online shopping, no random stops to the grocery store after work, no more lattes. Being a mindless spend I can easily stop at the grocery store for one thing and leave spendin $30. Doing that multiple times a week really adds up. 

I spoke with L about it and he’s honest when telling me he doesn’t think I can fully commit. I need his honesty to push me to try harder and to be honest with myself. So starting today I’m on a spending freeze. I’m freaking out. I have a shopping bag full of fall attire that is currently 40% off that I really want to purchase. I’m hoping to document my struggle these next two months and I also hope I learn more about myself. Seems silly how not spending money mindlessly might actually teach me something. 

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