Summer weekends

You know those weekends where you spend all day outside, with flips flops on and by the end of the day your feet are filfthy. You meet up with friends just to eat good BBQ and sit around a fire pit. You don’t even bother washing your hair because you’re just going to be sitting next to another fire pit in a few short hours… Yes? Good. 

That’s exactly the weekend we’ve had and I feel like we just kicked this summer off right. Of course mixed in with that was probably one too many coors lights (don’t you dare judge) and ciders. Sometimes a cheap coors light is exactly what the summer doctor ordered. Ha! 

Currently I’m lounging in the shade in the above lounge chair recovering from a day full of sunlight. Nothing really was exceptional about this weekend other than we spent it with people we love and care about. We did exactly what each of us wanted to do. Him, work in his Jetta and me, whatever I felt like/wherever the day took me. 

I know I say this a lot lately but I’m happy with how life turned out. I’m genuinely happy. Each of us embarks on our own journey to get here but when you do it’s an amazing feeling. 

If this weekend was any indication to test if this summer I’m 100% in.  

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