And then there was a wedding

  Welp. The wedding has come and gone but I’m still living in the happy emotions of that day. Honestly, thinking back to last Saturday is the only thing keeping me moving forward this week. #reallytired

It was like a mini family reunion. Those lovely ladies on the left (in each photo) live a 4.5 hour drive away from Portland. It took a wedding in California for us to see eachother. Planning a drive east this July. 

 And I got to spend an evening dressed up with this guy. It’s so incredibly “basic” of me but I left this wedding with a very full and happy heart. 

I am not ready to fully express my full emotions from that day. I couldn’t even get through my speech without turning into a blubbering mess. But I’m am so happy I got to stand up there and whole heartedly support people I love. 

*dress: bhldn *shoes: dsw *cardi: old navy. (My computer is still broken and my phone won’t let me add links)

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