Story’s in love

I’m feeling especially emotional this week before my best friend gets married Saturday. (See you soon)

Love is funny thing. Love can be a many things. Loving a other person, pet, or object. We say that we love a lot of stuff (and people). But do we ever truly love, unconditionally love? 

I believe we can and do, the road getting there is just not always easy. I know our road hasn’t been and will not always be. What fun would that be anyways? 

I love love. I love experiencing love and I love watching other people experience love. To watch two people in love is amazing and reminds me there is some faith in humanity. With everything going on in the world today I’m so happy to escape it (even just for the weekend) to watch my bestie get married. 

Sometimes I need to revert into my bubble. This world is a crazy scary place. 

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