My brain is fried…


It’s only Wednesday…. I’m so ready for the weekend. Do you ever have those weeks where they just feel never ending and everything just feels mentally exhausting? Yea, that’s me this week. 

My job isn’t really that stressful but some recent issues have raised (can’t talk about publically) that has just made it hard. Hard as in I don’t even want to walk into the office. Maybe even just drive past the office. 

Even just dealing with people has become daunting. I’m usually pretty good at not letting things get to me. But man, this week is different. Getting yelled at or being told I’m not smart enough (all by customers) has just pushed me over the edge. 

I finally just accepted it this morning that my brain is mentally fried. I’m not doing enough of the small things that make me happy. I’m letting too much work come home with me. I just need to turn off and I honestly haven’t been doing it enough. 

Next week I have a three day week for my cousins wedding. Holler! Then another three day weekend after because of Memorial Day. Hopefully the two long weekends help rejuvenate this funk I seem to have sunken in….

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