Making a positive change

So I left my gym in November. A Crossfit style gym where I was comfortable and felt at home. I’ve done well working out at home, and staying some what motivated. Some what. But last week I decided to go back to being a gym rat so I joined the local Crossfit gym. I plan on posting my progress as I go. I’m hoping to really enjoy Crossfit and to stick with it. 

The second change isn’t neccesarily a change just yet. Maybe a goal. I’ve signed myself up for real estate school. I currently work in insurance and really enjoy my job but the idea of being my own boss is what’s driving me. Plus I completely agree money doesn’t buy happiness but I’m excited to possible make more and put L/myself in a better financial position for the future. Our life goal is early retirement. 

Well that’s it for now. I feel really good about this Monday and the changes I’ve decided to make. 

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