Because I feel good about myself. 


This picture was taken using my front camera on Le iPhone. I’m not a fashion blogger but I felt the need to share I feel great about myself today. The outfit is simple, the hair is not washed, but I feel really good today. I feel like we need to share my of our own good days. 

Random thoughts


– This past weekend I went down to California to visit extended family and to attend my cousins bridal shower. I forced him to take this selfie. 


– Then my aunt bribed him with a treat. He’s too cute to stay mad at…


– Saturday was spent eating and drinking at this girls bridal shower. Then eating and drinking late into the night. Because of said drinks we took an Uber to get home. My first since they’re not allowed in Portland. 


– Documented my good hair day. I worked my butt off Saturday morning to achieve these curls for the shower.

Things have not be very eventful. My computer has decided to stop loading certain websites so studying has become rather challenging. Don’t even ask me to blog… I’m writing this from my phone. 

I attended Crossfit three times last week. Wasn’t too bad. Monday night was rough but I’m the idiot paying for this so I might as well get my monies worth. Three days a week and I should be beach/swim suit ready by June. Probably wishful thinking… As soon as I got home Monday evening I had two glasses of wine and two brownies. Yolo. 

Little update from my neck of the woods. I don’t know how people think of something to say everyday… Is anyone even interested in what I have to say? 

Making a positive change

So I left my gym in November. A Crossfit style gym where I was comfortable and felt at home. I’ve done well working out at home, and staying some what motivated. Some what. But last week I decided to go back to being a gym rat so I joined the local Crossfit gym. I plan on posting my progress as I go. I’m hoping to really enjoy Crossfit and to stick with it. 

The second change isn’t neccesarily a change just yet. Maybe a goal. I’ve signed myself up for real estate school. I currently work in insurance and really enjoy my job but the idea of being my own boss is what’s driving me. Plus I completely agree money doesn’t buy happiness but I’m excited to possible make more and put L/myself in a better financial position for the future. Our life goal is early retirement. 

Well that’s it for now. I feel really good about this Monday and the changes I’ve decided to make. 


Last night another piece of my heart broke off. We said goodbye to our sweet Molly girl. Molly was my first dog ever. A present from my grandfather the summer before my junior year of high school. She loved a great full life. Was my grandpa’s right hand gal. 

We love you sweet girl.