I’m not a domesticated.

I feel a bit silly even admitting this and for even putting it out there. I’m not a housewife. Or slightly domesticated. I literally have few responsibilities in our household. This isn’t meant to be a braggy post. It’s more of me word vomiting my realization of how little I actually contribute to our home.

Monday through Friday I go to my comfy desk from 9am to 5pm. I work in a relaxed office where I know exactly what is expected of me and what all my responsibilities are. When it comes to the home front it’s all L.

L feeds our dogs, cares for the chickens, makes dinner, usually stops by the grocery store for any last minute needs…. I could go on. The one main thing I make sure gets done every Sunday is changing the sheets on our bed. I do help out with laundry on the weekends but L typically takes care of it during the week.

I know we will continue to find our rhythm and a routine that works for us. This right now is just our reality and what works for us. I’m thankful to have someone as my life partner who doesn’t believe in gender roles.


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