Thinking about reading more

So I’ve seen around the blog world a lot of people posting about the need/want to read more this year. I enjoy reading but become easily distracted ie. #netflixbinge. I’ve considered joining a book club but I’m never going to finish a book a month.


So the last couple months I’ve been compiling a to read list. I’m not planning a time limit on myself to complete this list. I know I’ll add to it and once the warmer weather returns I’ll be outside.

I’ve noticed when I spend my evenings watching Netflix I’m wasting my valuable time. I get home around 6pm and then it’s suddenly midnight. I’m hoping to incorporate at least one hour during the week to reading. I’m not even sure I’ll enjoy it or if it will become a thing but a girls gotta try.

Maybe I’m just trying to fit into the current trend…. #basic

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