Vacations and food poisoning….



So I kind of fell off the face of the earth last week. Yes I was enjoying vacation but I was also trying to survive food poisoning. L and I each had the worst case and it definitely changed the course of our trip.

The trip as a whole was great. I rarely pulled out my phone for pictures and I’m not sad about it. I wanted to really take a break and enjoy. Plus we went with no agenda at all and it was the greatest plan. We literally laid on the beach for two solid weeks.

Now it’s back to reality. Today was my first day back to work and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was rough. I enjoy but my job but the idea of being my own boss sounds even better.

I have some post ideas I’m working on so hopefully Thursday I’ll have one of them up and ready.

Happy Monday evening!

Welcome to Sayulita!

** I meant to get this up yesterday for my goal of posting every Tuesday and Thursday. Today will have to do. **


We spent the whole day yesterday traveling to our tropical getaway. I’m hoping to post while we’re here instead dumping it all into one post. We’re staying in a small beach community known for its surfing. Sayulita, Mexico.

Since we arrived later in the day yesterday we just took a walk around town to see where everything is at. Today we’re watching a long boarding surf competition.



Thinking about reading more

So I’ve seen around the blog world a lot of people posting about the need/want to read more this year. I enjoy reading but become easily distracted ie. #netflixbinge. I’ve considered joining a book club but I’m never going to finish a book a month.


So the last couple months I’ve been compiling a to read list. I’m not planning a time limit on myself to complete this list. I know I’ll add to it and once the warmer weather returns I’ll be outside.

I’ve noticed when I spend my evenings watching Netflix I’m wasting my valuable time. I get home around 6pm and then it’s suddenly midnight. I’m hoping to incorporate at least one hour during the week to reading. I’m not even sure I’ll enjoy it or if it will become a thing but a girls gotta try.

Maybe I’m just trying to fit into the current trend…. #basic

I like to think I’m good at skiing


Well the ski season is officially here (better late than never I guess). The last three years we’ve been consistent at going up every weekend. Even get season passes.

But the true moral of the story is I’m terrible! The Sunday after Christmas I fell getting ON the chair lift… This last Friday I fell more times than I can count.

We can’t go up again til the last weekend of January. I’ll definitely keep you updated on that days misfortune.

Farewell 2014


The last week has been busy! So many people to visit and wish Merry Christmas. Celebrate our own traditions. We’re not religious, so for us the reason for the reason is just to continue to spread love and kindness to all we meet. To each their own everybody. I think next year I want to avoid gifts for each other and just focus on gifting those less fortunate than us.

It’s amazing how quickly the time passes the older I get. And time will start moving even faster when we welcome a little into our family someday.

2014 was filled with a lot of love but also the saddest experience we’ve had in awhile. The loss of Sally is something I’m not 100% sure my husband will ever recover from (do you ever recover).

I thought I would have a resolution to share but I’m not 100% committed to just one. I do have things I would like to work on to help make me a better person and grow more. Here are a few and I hope you can help keep me accountable.

1. Continue my fitness journey. I’ve created a great home routine since leaving the gym and I cannot wait to add more equipment.
2. Work on my knitting skills. I’ve started four scarfs and none of them are finished. My mother in law had yarn made for me that can be used to make washcloths. I hope to actually start and finish them.
3. Work on my shopping habit. I’m not committed to the capsule wardrobe but I do want to have better quality clothing. H&M and Forever 21 are great but not for the long run. And since this is something I started this time last year I’ve already discovered I’m more of a basics gal than a trendy gal.
4. Work on saving! I’m a spender and L is the saver. I use to be a great saver but along the way I took a turn for the worse. I’m hoping by getting better at 3 up there saving will naturally follow. I’ve started using cash more often. Keeping all our change in a bin and we saved $130 in a year just with a change….

For now that’s my start to 2015. I’m sure my goals will change and flow and grow as the year progresses but I’m not even down one day yet.

I hope you had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and day. I’m off to finish the rose bowl game with L (go Ducks!). Yes I hate football but I love my home state and supporting our teams.