Sunday 11/16/2014 around 6pm our sweet Sally girl passed peacefully at home. We miss her dearly and are still processing our emotions. We are completely devastated but yet at peace knowing she is no longer in pain.


The Star-Spangled Banner

Saturday evening before the hockey game officially started the Star-Spangled Banner was sung. I’ve probably heard this song 100’s of times growing up in the USA. Every time it’s special but Saturday it felt even more special. Apart of myself even felt rather emotional. That is my me and my country. I’m ashamed of myself but I felt more comfortable sharing that here than out loud first.

Today I was able to watch Portland’s annual Veterans Day parade. I felt patriotic and happy. Screw work, there’s a parade! Thank you veterans!


Sally’s first birthday party!

So it’s been a week since we actually celebrated Sally’s unofficial birthday but we did. We are not entirely sure when her actual birthday is so we picked a date and made it her birthday.
On Nevember 2, 2014 I made cupcakes for the pooches, we wore party hats and sang happy birthday to our sweet girl.
Last week was a rough one for miss Sally. L honestly thought the end was approaching a lot faster than we’d like to fully accept. Last night was a complete 180 though. Not only did she eat all of her dinner but she ate an entire pig ear and two full pieces of the Capone L made.
I’m fully aware she still has a rough road ahead but seeing her have those few good days means we’re doing our job as great fur parents.