The rainy season is officially here….

lovely photo of the calm before the storm

Recently we’ve been spending a lot more time at home. Yes it’s busy season for L, and the weather has been non stop down pour. But ever since Sally’s official diagnoses we’ve stopped. Stopped time a bit or at least tried. Taking in all the little moments we have left.

Last week Sally went in for blood work since her first chemo treatment. Seems silly but I kept vocalizing how much better she seems just hoping it would become a reality. The blood work came back good but we’re dealing with cancer. Cancer is a bitch. Cancer could careless the life (or lives) it is effecting.

Sally goes in Thursday afternoon for another round of chemo and I’m worried. What if she doesn’t respond as well this time… Sally is L’s main girl. It is so hard to watch her struggle when she cannot vocalize what hurts. Heck it’s hard watching L struggle.

Things are getting better. Her personality is coming back. Everyday more of her continues to shine through again. I know I’m just worried but again our only goal to continue her quality of life. Make her as comfortable as possible and continue to love her unconditionally.

In other non Sally news, we have officially decided to put our gym membership on hold. I love lifting weights and watching my body lift pounds I never thought I would be able to lift. But for our right now life it was the best decision and we needed the mental break. Don’t worry though, I’m finding ways at home to continue staying active. We’re going to Mexico in January and you best believe this girl is going to be rocking her swim wear sans cellulite (real girl problems). I may get a spray tan pre trip to disguise the cellulite.

2 thoughts on “The rainy season is officially here….

    • Thanks for your support. L actually ended up rushing her to the oncologist this morning. She had a rough night and wasnt doing much better this morning. They kept her for most of the day and did her second round of chemo two days early. Nows she just seems exhausted. Giving her lots of love and snuggles this evening.

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