I cannot plan a bridal shower…


I’m the Maid of Honor in my cousin’s wedding next May, so with that comes the task of planning her bridal shower. Exciting if you’re a party planner by nature, but I am anything but and she lives in Turlock California…. I love my cousin dearly and want nothing more than to plan the most elegant event for her.

So far there are four of us trying to plan the shower but we’re starting to butt heads. How can the four bring our individual visions together? I feel awful because I just vented to the bride! Who vents to the bride?! I’m a people pleaser. I want everyone to be happy and comfortable. I’m planning a shower with three strong willed controlled gals. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum.

My cousin planned my desert night from out of state. She deserves the world and I want her shower to be perfect.

Wednesday September 3rd: WTF!

When the hell did September decide to get here?! A few thoughts I’m having as of late (non of which serve any purpose to you. I’m just an over sharer in real life).

1. Cliché alert, I love fall just like every other female… It’s my favorite season.

2. Pumpkin spice anything is revolting. The smell is horrible!

3. I’ve been avoiding making to do lists my whole 28 years but I made one today. Holy hell what have I been missing out on! I actually got a lot marked off of it while working my full day.

4. I’m loving all the folks getting in on the healthy lifestyle boat but does every one have to then turn into a coach? My Facebook feed is filled with either beach body or 21 day cleanse coaches.

5. Holy shit my little sister gets married in 9 days…. Need I say more…

6. L is in the thick of busy season so hello solo trip to the pumpkin patch.

7. My dress came for my cousins wedding… First thought: my arms look disgusting. But I love my dress so I’m going to rock it!

8. I am not a fan of weekend recaps but I read every single one on my news feed. I mainly dislike recapping my own weekends. They are not interesting, I promise you.

So again there is absolutely no point to my post today per the norm. I have just found myself thinking a lot about the above mentioned lately. So why not time stamp the inner workers of my brain for you.