Tonight while driving home I realized I forgot my phone. I could either keep on driving home or turn back to pick it up. I kept on going but in true me fashion I instantly started stressing about the “What if something happens to my car and I become stranded”. Would anyone stop to help me?

Its a weird thing to think we live in a world where we rarely help each other out but at the same time as a woman I do not feel safe stopping when I am alone.

I kept driving hoping nothing would happen. I kept driving and plotted if I did have to pull over for an emergency I could easily walk to the nearest store to call L. But I like to over dramatize situations and immediately have a panic attack. I made it home safely and am already stressing about the driving in the morning without my phone….

2 thoughts on “Stranded…

  1. I’ve been there! More than once… I am always forgetting something, and my phone doesn’t always manage to make the trip into my purse or pocket before I leave! It is weird because I freak out about what could possibly happen. But when I first started driving, I did not have a cell phone or even a car phone or a pager. If something had happened, I would have had to find a payphone (as would just about everyone back then) It is funny how we start to believe we can’t live without the things we lived without before!

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