Tonight while driving home I realized I forgot my phone. I could either keep on driving home or turn back to pick it up. I kept on going but in true me fashion I instantly started stressing about the “What if something happens to my car and I become stranded”. Would anyone stop to help me?

Its a weird thing to think we live in a world where we rarely help each other out but at the same time as a woman I do not feel safe stopping when I am alone.

I kept driving hoping nothing would happen. I kept driving and plotted if I did have to pull over for an emergency I could easily walk to the nearest store to call L. But I like to over dramatize situations and immediately have a panic attack. I made it home safely and am already stressing about the driving in the morning without my phone….

Does true love exist?


This question has been on my mind for awhile. Maybe it’s because of the excessive amounts of Sex and the City I’ve been watching or the total shock of watching people I thought would be together forever are separating/divorcing.

This post will probably have no real meaning other than me asking all the question that have been swirling around in my head.

Is there one person for you? Do we have soul mates? I believe every romantic relationship we have is in some form of a soul mate. Wether or not that relationship worked out you took something away from it. And during that your relationship you were happy (hopefully).

My past relationships have all been relationships that were perfect for that time in my life. I took something away and grew as a person.

How do we decided to fall out of love? Are we fighting hard enough for what we need from our significant others?

10 year reunion…

My ten year reunion was a couple weeks ago. No, I didn’t go. I have not been close to anyone from high school since high school. No need to go schmooze people that I hardly remember and that hardly remember me. But just for fun, here’s a few pictures of me during my senior year… Don’t be too harsh.

IMG_2218 IMG_2250 IMG_2772 IMG_2783 IMG_2833 IMG_2835 IMG_2854

Currently Vol. 3

Beer pong in a bar in the Philippines.

Beer pong in a bar in the Philippines.

Doing: Lately we’ve been doing a lot of working and a lot of rental house maintenance… Nothing glamorous and exciting. L is in full fledge busy season and I started my new job in early June. Its just one giant game of him trying to stay caught up and me trying to catch up.

Thinking about: I wrote about it here but my 1.5 years left of my twenties seems to be looming over my head like a black cloud. I’m not in full fledge panic mode but I’m definitely aware. I want to live my/our life to the fullest and I’m starting to become aware of the little mundane task that I let become bigger priorities than they need to be. I’m giving too much of myself to stress. I want our life to have so many carefree moments like the picture above. We’ve been talking a lot about it and I think we’re on to a great start. Hello Mexico in 150 days!!

Watching: Before bed every night we have been Its always sunny in Philadelphia. Why have we waited so long to watch this show. I laugh tip I cry every episode. I get the humor isn’t for everyone, but I love the narcissitic characters. I feel like I can relate to Sweet D on many levels its rather embarrassing.

Looking forward to: L and I are looking forward to our 10 days in Mexico. We planned this trip perfectly. Right after his busy season is complete and right in the middle of the rainy season. Ten days away from the Oregon gray mist that we get for nine months straight is exactly what the doctor ordered. Plus we never took a big honeymoon. After spending a lot of cash on the wedding we decided to keep our honeymoon local and small. These ten days away is going to be exactly what our marriage needs every once in awhile. A trip just the two of you is like marriage insurance.

Reading: So I finished the first book of the Divergent series. I’ve started the second one but reading just hasn’t been on the priority list lately. I’m loving the second book more than the first. You get to learn more about the city and why they’ve divided the city. Plus you get to meet more divergents.

Loving: I’m loving a lot right now. The seasons are starting to click. The days are still hot but the nights have started cooling off to the point of needing a sweater. I love this time of year when you can feel the seasons click together. I’m just like every other person who lives in the PNW (pacific northwest) who thinks fall is the best season ever. I’m also loving the season of our life. We 2 months into year two of marriage and things just feel normal. Not a bad normal but a comfortable this is how things should be normal. We have a routine. We have our house hold responsibilities divided equally. We have our future figured out/agreed apron as best as any one thinks they can plan for the future. Always have to leave room for the unexpected.

Well as you can probably tell there isn’t a whole lot happening around here. Yes busy but right now seems to be more of the daily life stuff. Sometimes those are the best times.

It hit me.


So I realized yesterday that I’m officially 1.5 years from my 30th birthday. I honestly feel a bit foolish but it’s hit me hard that I only have a short time left being a twenty something gal.

When I was 21, even 22, I thought this time was forever away. I love my birthday and what new age means. I’ve always seen getting a year older as a positive step. When I turned 25 I was beyond excited for people to stop associating me with the “typical” early twenties mess. In all honestly I’m still a hot mess but can put a good front up when in public. And L does a great job baby sitting.

I want to embrace age and every passing year but something about this 1.5 years left of my twenties has me freaked the hell out. I suddenly feel overwhelmed and like time is running out to do certain things. Shouldn’t I be a mom before I’m thirty? Have we travelled enough? I don’t save enough! I guess I’m starting to feel like I’m not adult enough to be almost 3-0.

When I really sit and think about it I sound like a superficial brat. “OMG I’m almost 30” high pitch whine.

Isn’t age just a number?

Lately Vol. 5





Life lately has been pretty smooth. Most of our weekend’s have looked like the pictures above. I end up with dirty feet and dogs surrounding me. L makes dinner every night but on the weekends he pulls out the chef skills. I’m not a huge fan of the summer ┬áheat but being lazy makes these summer days amazing.

I’m still recovering a bit from my weekend in California but I need to get it together quickly. Life isn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon. Hello mid August!

I was beginning to think Friday would never come.

I literally thought this day would never get here. I’ve been at my new job for two months but this week was the first time I was 100% alone. FOR THREE DAYS! I know my job and how to do it well. I guess what I was most afraid of was saying the wrong thing. In insurance anything you say can be binding (meaning even if you’re wrong they can throw it back in your face and you’re screwed). So now here I am sitting at my desk at 2:30 Friday afternoon thinking how over dramatic I’ve been sending these random selfies to my cousin…

Sorry folks. Drama princess party of one.



So this last one isn’t that bad because it was taken this morning. Friday fist pump!

I feel pretty

I took this picture last weekend while I was in California visiting my cousin. I’m the worst critic on myself and wanted to share a photo where I feel pretty. No make up, unwashed hair, and 11am in all it’s glory.


July Showers


Well another season is fast approaching. Back to school commercials have begun and the weather here has transformed itself into fall. But I honestly am ok with the transformation. This summer has been a busy one. I’ve visited my cousin twice so far and have another trip planned to see her October. Granted that will be her bachelorette party in Vegas (first timer!).

With the seasons starting to click and the weather becoming a bit cooler it means life may start slowing down a bit. I’ve loved this summer but the busyness is truly starting to take a toll on me…