Weathering the storm… Stress.


Lately things have been stressful. The cause, money. Nothing serious but there always seems to be something that comes up that needs money.

Recently it’s been my car. First it needed a new transmission ($5000) and now some more maintenance ($2000). When it comes down to it, not that big of a deal but I stress easily.

I’m not a very good saver. Saving money is an accomplishment. Having these things pop up is a huge reminder I need to control my spending and save more.

I know this is just a little storm that will pass. I will build the savings up again. We’re not suffering because of these things but it doesn’t make it “hurt” less.

I’m finding these little things popping up is bringing up my dislike for things I can’t control. If I truly feel like things are out of control (even if they’re small) I go to the one thing I can control, what I eat. It’s just a demon I’ve learned to control but I have moments where she likes to make her return.

I’m trying to remember the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff”. When I was younger I was afraid to openly talk about my demon. I would stress and quit eating. I replaced meals with a quick coffee or a small salad. I’m refusing to let myself return to that place just because we’ve had some unexpected bills pop up.

I guess I need to remember the other saying “this too shall pass”…

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