Where the heart is.


Small view of Bend

Small view of Bend

The last few days have been nothing short of amazing. We’ve spent the last weekend in Bend not only to see friends but to just get away. Every time we go to Bend we leave a little heavy hearted. I think this time was when it really sunk in how badly we want to be there full time.

Living in Portland is amazing on it’s own. Close to the river, mountains, and the ocean. But Bend…. I don’t even know what else to say. Have you ever gone on a trip and just realized how much of your heart is there. Thats where we’re currently at.

Coming home this morning had a bit of mixed emotions. We came home to our fur babies but it just wasn’t the same. L and I love where we live and how we live but there’s just something about Bend. A great is example is Friday afternoon we spent our day visiting different brewery’s. The weather was extremely bipolar (sun, snow, then more sun then snow) but everyone just continued on with their day like it was nothing. If you have ever been to Portland during a snow storm you know how this place just shuts down.

I know every one has there place and I truly believe we have found ours. The whole trip we talked about the idea of just doing it but there is so much more involved than just picking up and going for us. In hopes of replacing the sadness of leaving we are planning many trips back this summer.

I miss Bend so much already.

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