Learning to keep my mouth shut //

The year L and I ran Shamrock run. Our first race together.

The year L and I ran Shamrock run. Our first race together.

Well I did it again. I’m not entirely sure this one is all my fault though. This morning I decided to suck it up and go to a Saturday class at the gym. Showing up to the 8 am class on a Saturday felt like a huge accomplishment and I was energized as soon as I pulled up.

My usual trainer was running this class. I was really feeling exciting for this day. L wasn’t able to join me because he is in busy season so that means working 7 days a week. Before class was starting I sent L a text explaining the workout. We’re both extremely sarcastic and I was expecting a smart ass remark back. As the trainer was getting was ready for warm up I told him about the text and how L would most likely respond. My trainer laughed and decided to tell the owner, because it was FUNNY.

This is when I wanted to walk out and started wishing I had just kept to myself. The owner of our gym came out and decided to go on a “lovely” 5 minute rant on how the gym’s workouts our decided on. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. Also going on about no day is harder than another and I should go home to explain this to L. Instant defense mode kicked into high gear as I’m sure it would for anyone hearing their partner being thrown under the bus.

As the work out got started, I just did what I had to do. Kept telling myself to push through. Just push through. A moment did arise where I was able to explain to our trainer how inappropriate that rant was and he should have addressed me personally so I could explain the joke. I’m happy I have a close relationship with this particular trainer because he did help me feel better and did say he thought the owner would think its funny as well.

I felt so belittled by the owner this morning. L has been a member of this gym for over 3 years. He was one of the first handful of members. If L really thought some days were harder than others why would he up his membership to 4 days a week? Why are we spending almost $300 a month just for us to use your facility?

Moral of the story for me, keep my mouth shut. I don’t feel like I did anything to deserve the treatment this morning, but if that is the response I’m going to get, I’ll just keep to myself . The owner hardly knows L or myself. He doesn’t know how sarcastic we can be. Yes he wanted to defend the business he is growing but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of your members. And yes I’m highly considering discontinuing my membership.

I am hopeful though that this morning was just one of those days for him. I also feel this shows how disconnected he has become from the people who make his dream a reality, the members.

Cheers to a better Saturday!

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