Just keep… //

Feeling like I can barely keep my head above water has become the norm around here. I feel like I’m working towards the cupcake but every time I get close its pulled further away. Slowly inching further away.

Yesterday I felt like I was failing ((because I failed two test)). I keep putting all this time and energy in, but the reward keeps getting further and further away. Today, I feel the same and found myself seeking pity from L. We work so hard to reach these goals but road getting there sucks.

Champagne dreams

Champagne dreams

Friday night we got some relief by deciding to take a night off and celebrate a friends birthday. That night made me remember all this hard work is for something. Without working all week for our goals we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our moments away from reality.

I guess Friday revitalized my energy. I left the party telling myself “Just keep swimming”. If I just keep going, swimming, trying, our goals will be reached and all this work will be worth something.

Happy Freaking Sunday!

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