Thoughts on Sunday //


I’m not even sure where I want to begin here. There is so much happening in our world that I feel so confused. I’ve had a cold for the last week and it seems to be the only thing I can focus on. The cough, the headache, and the runny nose.

I always feel super sentimental this time of year. I try to reflect on the year and think of what I’ve done to better myself. Getting lost in the daily shuffle tends to be my issue. I get caught up in the daily and forget to look around me. Most recently my phone has decided to stop sending text randomly. The only way I can get it to work is by restarting it. Getting so caught up in my frustration I ordered a new phone only because it wasn’t available right now ((yes I got annoyed about having to wait)).

Our government is currently shut down and I’m concerned with my perfectly functional phone/a cold. Talk about walking around with blinders on…

With another new year rapidly approaching I am trying to focus on the aspects of myself I haven’t worked on. What can I do this year and in the new to help make things better for me/others? Growing up here in the states has been amazing but traveling to other countries has also reminded me to take off my blinders.

In my 20 something years what have I done for others? I am not planning on sharing my list of new years resolutions here but I do plan on sharing my growth to become a better person. So with that, do you plan on reflecting on the last year? Am I weird for not wanting to share my resolutions?

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Sunday //

  1. If I was looking back to my twenties I would say enjoy the ride! Many of the milestones we so look forward to – house. kids – are so special, but to a certain extent they clip your’ll all come soon enough, so live the moment! xxx

  2. I don’t think it’s weird at all to not want to share your resolutions. In fact, I can relate. It’s kind of like how I don’t generally share my goals/to-do lists. I rather do and then share, to try to live by the “actions speak louder than words” saying. ^_^

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