Currently Vol. 2

Reading: Orange is the New Black. If you’ve seen the show on netflix then you must read the book. If you haven’t seen either, please do it. Prison is given a new look…

Listening to: Bastille. The whole album is amazing. These guys are talented and I love that I can “sing” along to every song. What’s even more exciting is I get to see them on December 9th. I’m counting down the days.

Thinking about: All the changes this year has brought. I’m married now. We’re house shopping. Wowza. My goal for next year would be to purchase a house. Officially just pick one and purchase! I mainly want our own place again. I just want to feel like its our place. Something we picked together.

Eating: Well candy is given because its almost Halloween, but I’m freaking loving hot chocolate. I’m the crazy girl ordering her hot chocolate in the Starbucks line at 7:45am. Oh and you better be sure to add extra whipped cream on that!

Watching: Oh Em Gee. Missed yet another boat. Since getting sick Friday I’ve watched almost two whole seasons of Revenge. I wonder what I did on sick days before netflix….

Super Excited About: December to Remember! We got tickets to Vampire Weekend and Bastille. They were the first two shows to sell out at pre-sale. I cannot even explain how excited I am we’re going. L isn’t to excited but he’ll join me.

Loving: Fall. I’ve already wrote two post ((here & here)) about my love for the season. I’m sorry but I am not sure how many more I’ll write.

2 thoughts on “Currently Vol. 2

    • I know! I googled it to just see if they had an idea, and it’s saying season two should be released spring/summer 2014. Why do I feel like that is so far away?

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