Fall Vol. 2

Favorite spot of my back yard.

Favorite spot of my back yard.

There is this spot in my yard. Its the farthest from the house and shop making it the quietest spot. During the fall when the leaves are changing this is how it looks ((above)). It is the best place to drive by every morning. Coming home in the evening it is the first spot I see.

The last few days I’ve been home sick ((just a cold but I don’t want to spread germs)). While home I’ve gotten to watch that spot slowly change. The season has only just begun but I’m fully prepared.

I thrive in this season. I was meant to live in the PNW. I’ve been waiting all summer for the nights to get cooler and the days to get just a bit shorter. I’m not a fan of the pumpkin spice anything but I’ll take a hot chocolate on a brisk walk. Bundled up in sweaters and scarfs.

I know this season brought the colder weather that brought the cold but there is more to this time of year. I feel people become genuinely kinder. There tends to be more cheer in the air. For the next three months we will be preparing to give. I know this is a young thought and people aren’t better just because the season but this time of year does do something for the soul.

We are also preparing for our clean slates. This time of year also welcomes a looming New Year. Remembering back on the year and thinking of ways to not just better ourselves but better those around us.

So cheers to you Fall. As soon as this cold passes I’ll meet you at the pumpkin patch with a hot chocolate.

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