Happy Halloween… //

Happy Halloween everyone! We’re rather uneventful over here. L is watching some sports thing and I’m writing this…

Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday but I do hope everyone else is having a happy/safe night!



Just keep… //

Feeling like I can barely keep my head above water has become the norm around here. I feel like I’m working towards the cupcake but every time I get close its pulled further away. Slowly inching further away.

Yesterday I felt like I was failing ((because I failed two test)). I keep putting all this time and energy in, but the reward keeps getting further and further away. Today, I feel the same and found myself seeking pity from L. We work so hard to reach these goals but road getting there sucks.

Champagne dreams

Champagne dreams

Friday night we got some relief by deciding to take a night off and celebrate a friends birthday. That night made me remember all this hard work is for something. Without working all week for our goals we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our moments away from reality.

I guess Friday revitalized my energy. I left the party telling myself “Just keep swimming”. If I just keep going, swimming, trying, our goals will be reached and all this work will be worth something.

Happy Freaking Sunday!

Stress //


The last few weeks I’ve been procrastinating. I am a procrastinator all the time but this time I’m really down to the wire.

I feel the only thing keeping me sane has been the little moments we’ve taken to get away from it all. The moment about is a perfect example. ((Go hawks))

So here’s to the next three nights of zero sleep and cramming. All this stress will be worth it. The big picture picture is always worth the hard and stressful stuff.

Thoughts on Sunday //


I’m not even sure where I want to begin here. There is so much happening in our world that I feel so confused. I’ve had a cold for the last week and it seems to be the only thing I can focus on. The cough, the headache, and the runny nose.

I always feel super sentimental this time of year. I try to reflect on the year and think of what I’ve done to better myself. Getting lost in the daily shuffle tends to be my issue. I get caught up in the daily and forget to look around me. Most recently my phone has decided to stop sending text randomly. The only way I can get it to work is by restarting it. Getting so caught up in my frustration I ordered a new phone only because it wasn’t available right now ((yes I got annoyed about having to wait)).

Our government is currently shut down and I’m concerned with my perfectly functional phone/a cold. Talk about walking around with blinders on…

With another new year rapidly approaching I am trying to focus on the aspects of myself I haven’t worked on. What can I do this year and in the new to help make things better for me/others? Growing up here in the states has been amazing but traveling to other countries has also reminded me to take off my blinders.

In my 20 something years what have I done for others? I am not planning on sharing my list of new years resolutions here but I do plan on sharing my growth to become a better person. So with that, do you plan on reflecting on the last year? Am I weird for not wanting to share my resolutions?

Fashion Blogging //

I can’t even count how many fashion blogs I follow. I need them to help inspire my own personal style. It helps me break out of my comfort box. 

I was recently scrolling through my phone and realized I’m no where near as awesome at fashion bloggers. Sometimes I think about sharing more of my personal style but then I’m brought back down out of the clouds when look at my awesome fitting room/bathroom portraits. 

I complied a few just to show you guys. My style isn’t anything spectacular but sharing it does sound fun. I hope you enjoy my attempts at fashion blogging!!

DSC_0028 IMG_2871 IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_4043 IMG_4046 IMG_4221 IMG_4370 IMG_5037 IMG_5354 IMG_6175 IMG_6688

Currently Vol. 2

Reading: Orange is the New Black. If you’ve seen the show on netflix then you must read the book. If you haven’t seen either, please do it. Prison is given a new look…

Listening to: Bastille. The whole album is amazing. These guys are talented and I love that I can “sing” along to every song. What’s even more exciting is I get to see them on December 9th. I’m counting down the days.

Thinking about: All the changes this year has brought. I’m married now. We’re house shopping. Wowza. My goal for next year would be to purchase a house. Officially just pick one and purchase! I mainly want our own place again. I just want to feel like its our place. Something we picked together.

Eating: Well candy is given because its almost Halloween, but I’m freaking loving hot chocolate. I’m the crazy girl ordering her hot chocolate in the Starbucks line at 7:45am. Oh and you better be sure to add extra whipped cream on that!

Watching: Oh Em Gee. Missed yet another boat. Since getting sick Friday I’ve watched almost two whole seasons of Revenge. I wonder what I did on sick days before netflix….

Super Excited About: December to Remember! We got tickets to Vampire Weekend and Bastille. They were the first two shows to sell out at pre-sale. I cannot even explain how excited I am we’re going. L isn’t to excited but he’ll join me.

Loving: Fall. I’ve already wrote two post ((here & here)) about my love for the season. I’m sorry but I am not sure how many more I’ll write.

Fall Vol. 2

Favorite spot of my back yard.

Favorite spot of my back yard.

There is this spot in my yard. Its the farthest from the house and shop making it the quietest spot. During the fall when the leaves are changing this is how it looks ((above)). It is the best place to drive by every morning. Coming home in the evening it is the first spot I see.

The last few days I’ve been home sick ((just a cold but I don’t want to spread germs)). While home I’ve gotten to watch that spot slowly change. The season has only just begun but I’m fully prepared.

I thrive in this season. I was meant to live in the PNW. I’ve been waiting all summer for the nights to get cooler and the days to get just a bit shorter. I’m not a fan of the pumpkin spice anything but I’ll take a hot chocolate on a brisk walk. Bundled up in sweaters and scarfs.

I know this season brought the colder weather that brought the cold but there is more to this time of year. I feel people become genuinely kinder. There tends to be more cheer in the air. For the next three months we will be preparing to give. I know this is a young thought and people aren’t better just because the season but this time of year does do something for the soul.

We are also preparing for our clean slates. This time of year also welcomes a looming New Year. Remembering back on the year and thinking of ways to not just better ourselves but better those around us.

So cheers to you Fall. As soon as this cold passes I’ll meet you at the pumpkin patch with a hot chocolate.

Worst pen pal….

So I have been more of a space cadet lately. I have taken part of the Cara Box exchange three times now and have met some great gals. Two I know will be friends for a life time ((I hope so at least)).

With my current pen pals I’m doing the exact same thing, not responding.

Well I’m making my public oath right here. I’m going to work on my response time and be a better pen pal.

I believe we should build each other up and by not responding I’m making myself look like a jerk/being a jerk.